The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—Calf Check

In a small break in the weather, meaning no snow and a melt of sorts, (But no sun) Mom, Dad and I loaded up on the four-wheelers and headed out to check the cows and calves.



If you look where the big white arrow is pointing you will see a tiny calf.  Mom has her baby all snuggled up and warm against here body.



See the brand new baby trying to get up.  Mom just gave birth here.

All the cows are really tame, we can drive through them (slowly) and they never spook. I ride all the time, because just seeing me trotting alongside WOULD spook them.  Mom says I have to stay right next to her.


This one is hidden behind the equipment at the equipment storage area.

Mr. Davis and his daughter check them twice a day, sometimes three times a day always, always making sure the moms and babies are doing okay.  If there is one that is having trouble Mr. Davis and Theresa load them up and take them back to their really nice barn on the ranch.

For us, Mom, Dad and Myself, Boomer the Beagle,—we go out on the off-times to makes sure all is well.  Just this morning we heard the coyotes moving around in the cows, never a good thing.

Minutes-OldSo far all is right with our world.




27 thoughts on “The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—Calf Check

  1. Boomer, I’m glad you stay on the 4-wheeler so you won’t spook these cute babies and their mothers. I’m glad you check up on the cows as often as possible, and I hope you can help keep the coyotes away from the babies.

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  2. Way to be a helper Boomer! Sometimes we take the girls. But not to check heifers, they’re to noisy! I take spook with me and we will move heifers and their babies once they leave the calving pasture.

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  3. Pleased that all is well on your farm….maybe its time that someone invented an anti coyote spray that kept these creatures away from areas where folks are living…like deodorant….

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    • It is always a worry! We calved out in April. Much nice then. These calves have to be old enough and strong enough to hoof their way to the mountains in April, therefore February is their birth month.


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