Stillness—Tuesday, April 28, 2015

2I love the outdoors!  Even as a child I spend hours and hours by myself playing in Surface Creek, which ran behind our my parents home.  I enjoyed the freedom of riding my bike between our and my grandparent’s house. Walking through the cherry orchard, or the apple orchard looking for bird nests, or just laying in the irrigation ditches looking up at the sky, watching the clouds come and go.

Today we would say: “Becoming one with nature.”  Back then I was just ‘being’.

3I still love the outdoors.  The energy and the feel of earth, the sky, the elements — still give me that same peace I felt as a child.

4Walking home from the other house last night I thought the sun and the storm clouds and the feel of the earth of marvelous! This is our house looking from the other house.

5I tried to capture, for you what I was seeing and feeling.

14Beauty was everywhere.

Iinto-the-nightYour friend on a Western Colorado Farm,



28 thoughts on “Stillness—Tuesday, April 28, 2015

  1. A beautiful Colorado spring day 🙂 Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos. (It’s a chilly 30° on this side of the divide… And 2+ inches of moisture. Yea!)

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  2. Beautiful. I loved the play of the sunset – the streaks of sun coming from the clouds and the streaks of water in the furrows moving in the opposite direction. Almost as though they are reaching for one another.

    Very nice post

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  3. Beautiful photos! I too remember being a child and loving just being outside. I can almost feel that wonderful western Colorado air.


  4. It is beautiful in your area! I, too, loved being outside as a child. We had an evergreen shelter belt and some apple trees that I would love to be in and let my imagination run! Also, so huge lilac bushes that I would play paper dolls under! We both love the simpler things in life, I believe.



  5. Great views of the present climatic situation in your Delta
    region of Colorado.
    I presume the homestead area is a recent photo and the
    paddock preparation looks typical up to the high standards of
    Terry’s dedication.
    Well done now enjoy the coming summer period and the crop growth.
    Thankfully “Mother Nature” here after the violent storms that hit the
    Sydney and Central North Coast is over, but the damage is gigantic.
    Lynette send me photos of the Terrigal region where she lives – horrific!


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