Sunshine in my World Today—Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Spring-yard-1I’m gradually, gradually, gradually making headway in my yard.  As for my house–well, it’s clean and picked-up, that about it.  The other house–my time waster— is starting to get there. I have the bedroom just about finished painting-I should finish tomorrow. The lawn is mowed and raked down there and all the bushes raked and pruned ready for spring.

Dust The new renters move in on Sunday. (Ask me if I’m excited or what!)  The man and woman came over yesterday to make arrangements to move in on Sunday.  I can SEE THE LIGHT!

More-AhToday Terry starts planting corn.  I will plant sweet corn at some point down one side of one of the fields.  I had one row last year, but that was a huge field.   This year some of the corn will be in front of the house, which is only 5 acres. I think I will plant two rows of sweet corn, next to the side which is next to canal—I’m looking for ease of picking.

Sun12I am so excited about the renters finally getting here, you just don’t understand how excited.  The work load, of just maintaining that place, and this place, plus every day living has been over-whelming.  Soon!  Very Soon! I can move from maintaining into ‘getting-my-stuff-that-has-been-hanging-over-my-head’ DONE!  ♬♬♬   YAY!

Joy, Joy, Joy

Your Friend,






23 thoughts on “Sunshine in my World Today—Wednesday, April 29, 2015

  1. I think once they’ve moved in you should give yourself a couple of days off everything non-essential; just time to smell the roses and enjoy the spring… But knowing you, you’ll probably be washing windows first thing…

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  2. Oh my, the green valley floor is just gorgeous! Linda, I can imagine what a HUGE chore you have had this spring… and relaxing time, you so deserve, is near. I am so happy a couple has rented the other house~ hope it works out well. And yiur yard is going to be beautiful, as always. Hi to Terry 🙂 (I was wondering when corn was going in…. can’t wait)
    )))hugs((( to the 4-legged gang… Boomer, Sammy & Monkey


  3. Yay! Am excited for you, too. Your pictures are gorgeous, Linda! The farmers are not planting here, yet. Need a soil temp of 60 degrees for cotton. My one farmer is growing corn again on my home place. I love to watch it grow!

    Am heading out on my trip to see my Mother tomorrow morning early. Is a 2 day trip for me. The kids are staying on the farm while I’m gone. Will give them a taste of the farm life B4 they move out here.

    Take care….Blessings!

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  4. I don’t know many people who consider washing windows a treat! As a matter of fact, just you. *L* And five acres! I would be pleased as punch if that was the entirety of my acreage.

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