Planting Corn-Thursday, April 30, 2015

Planting-Corn-005Terry is planting corn today. This will be a several day activity, as corn is our major crop.  Still it isn’t our only crop, we also have alfalfa and pinto beans.

Planting-cornThis is the workhorse tractor on the farm.  Anyway, see all that lovely moisture coming up as he plants?  The ground is perfect to start the little corn seeds sprouting and growing.


How do you like his welding table?  Part of a motor, tee hee.

Anyway today I’m dancing a happy jig–I only have to go down and feed and love on the kitty down there, she doesn’t want to come live here, so the renters and I agreed she could stay in the old chicken house.  She is around 7 years old or so and loves that house.  I think she has had enough stress in her life…it looks like one eye is blind.  Sigh!  I will take her in and have my vet check her over.  Hopefully everything will work out for all concerned.

Sun-3The sun was amazing, it looks like we can even see the flames on the sun in this photo.

Off now to do MY STUFF!!! Mow the lawn and clean my car!  Yippee YAY!

Your friend on a western Colorado Farm,



13 thoughts on “Planting Corn-Thursday, April 30, 2015

  1. I hated the other end of the process – harvesting the corn. The pollen on the tassels at the top (and on Johnson grass too) was absolutely miserable for me; I would wheeze for weeks afterwards.

    But oh how I love the end results. I miss the real food from the farm; the junk in the grocery stores is like eating a dead, wet tree.

    The ground looks nice, and the pictures are awesome


  2. Hope the planting goes well. Up here Sweet Corn is kept a long way from field corn….maybe that is an old wives tale. Yeah for the renters I hope they work out! Poor kitty…I am certain you will see she is well taken care of:)


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