We’ve Started Water—Monday, April 11, 2016

Hard work but every so necessary.  Without water we would not have crops. And here we must water with syphon tubes or gated pipe.

Cleaning-DitchFirst we had to clean out the ditches—these ditches are terrible for collecting trash from our fields and neighbor fields, that Colorado wind, you know.  🙂

Setting-out-tubesThen while Terry marked out the fields I picked up all the syphon tubes I so carefully put away last fall and placed them in their proper slot on the ditch.

Digging-endsAfter which it was time to start the water…Terry does the head gate thing, I’m a tad ‘feared of the head gate.  Scary roaring powerful thing that it is.

Then we both start digging out the ends so we can lay the tubes into them.  The tubes suck the water from the cement or dirt ditches and channel the water down the rows. Gated pipe is much easier, you just open a gate.  BUT trash gets in the pipe, plugs up the gates, you can’t get it out without tremendous work…a stick took both us four hours to get it out…it was just out of reach and we couldn’t get it…then it trapped all the weeds….ick.Setting-tubes

We do this over and over until all the furrows are full….we set about 40 tubes per field.

WetIn eight hours that set has the soil wet enough we can move on up the ditch.  Right now we have two fields we are working in.  Two areas to dig out ends, walk the water down the row to make sure it keeps going straight and doesn’t cut over into a neighboring furrow.

Lots of work…but you know what!? I love it!  I love the smell of the water when it first hits the bone dry soil, and I love the rich, moist smell of the fields after the water is removed.


We check constantly making sure everything is working well.  The first irrigation of the season is the worst, (in the terms of work), but once the rows seal, the plants are up, it’s just a matter of setting tubes and making sure the water makes it to the end (so the next field can get some.)

On-a-ditch-bank-3Sure is a nice life…if Terry had dirt in his veins, then I have irrigation water in mine.  Tee Hee.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,




A Small Frozen Fog—Tuesday, October 27, 20015

morning-fog-2.jpgWe had a wee fog this morning, caused by very cold temperatures from the very wet ground (the sun came out yesterday afternoon…Boomer and I went out and danced on the lawn, it was too wet to take a walk. 🙂  )

Moon-2And the very lovely clear sky and the warmer canal water.

Morning-Fog-1I’m wondering if we had a freeze.  It is possible.

Morning-Fog-3The grass was rather crunchy when I walk out to get some early photos…as the day warms up I will be able to tell.

It’s time.  Actually, a little late.  But that is okay, I’ve enjoyed the warmth while it lasted. 🙂

As always your friend,




Sunlight—Sunday, May 17, 2015

Miserable-1The cold rain and the sharp wind of the last few days has just been miserable.


The little birds have sat around in puffed feathers all hunched up…looking just…miserable.


Iris-1The rain has been lovely for my yard

Iris-2Everything is rich and lush and green.

LeavingLast evening, in a huge rush of wind, the clouds started parting and waving good-bye heading toward the north and the east.  (I waved delightedly to them as they left! 🙂 )

LHBAll the birds feathers laid back down

FemaleSongs filled the soft evening air!

Today we have scattered bits of sunshine, lots of bird songs and joy everywhere!

I hope you have a most lovely Sunday…a day of Sun—it looks like we will have!

Your Friend,


Drenched, Wet, Beyond Wet, Wednesday, October 1, 2014

river.jpgWe are wet!

FloodVery wet!  And it’s still raining!

Glow-1The sunrise yesterday promised more wet later in the day.  (Red sunrise in the morning, sailor take warning)

Storm-Moving-in-3Although it did hold off most the day.  That evening we could see more storm clouds blowing our way.(Red sunset at night, sailors delight. ?)

Yep! Right about 6 in the morning we had rolling thunder and large cracks of lightening, then …

WetRain! In fact it’s raining as I write this.

BUT there is a wind with this very wet storm. The weather people are saying this storm will move out of here tonight with wind gusts up to 25 m.p.h.

Rabbit-Brush-2Then temperatures will dip to 25-35 degrees.  I do believe Summer will be officially over after these very wet storms get out of here.

The weather people are also saying we have several days of sunshine in the near future…I’ll take it.  I’m a sunshine kind of person!

DrainTerry dug little ditches so the water can run into the canal–which reminds me that the canal is clear to the brim…

river.jpgIt’s going to take a spell to get us dry again.  That is for sure!

Your friend on a lake that used to be a farm 🙂 🙂