The Approach of Memory—Sunday, Father’s Day, June 18, 2017

My father was not what I would call father.  He was Daddy.  Always!  Until the day he died…very suddenly, an extremely long-way from home.  It was a heart attack.  Leaving Momma stranded way down south.

Now that is NOT something he would have chosen to do. Leave Momma alone to deal with the biggest disaster of her life, but sometimes we don’t get to choose. He was 72 when he died.

(Thankfully they were visiting our son and then daughter-in-law; so Momma really wasn’t without help.)

It’s been years now (eighteen to be exact), still I feel him hovering over me…just over my shoulder, I catch a glimpse of him now and again, and once felt his hand on my back.

I often wonder what his life would have been like if his Daddy hadn’t died very young. (Pete died in 1936—Daddy was just nine (going on ten) years old at the time of his Dad’s death)

Grandma remarried and lived a very long and happy life with her second husband.  He brought, into their union three sons; his wife died right after the birth of the youngest boy.

Grandma brought Daddy.

Through the years the ‘family’ photos show the struggle of my Dad’s ‘never feeling like he belonged’.

I I think he never really felt like he ‘fit’ until he met and married Momma. Who came with her all her southern born aunts and uncles.  It was at this time he learned to hug and kiss and be swallowed up into a warm, gregarious, fun, outgoing family.

For which I am eternally grateful!

I will always long for them, Momma died just months after Daddy…she missed him too much.

But one thing I know…he really is always with me…I can feel him there—-just beyond my shoulder.

It is a blessing I cherish!

From my world to your heart,



Update—Thursday, June 18,2015

MesasWe have had Bladen here for the week. It’s been a full and busy week having a 13 year-old, very energetic boy staying with us.  (We feel so very blessed.)


(We went from a cool rainy time to a suddenly HOT 100* -37.77 c– all over night.  Time to cut the alfalfa!)

I have had my lawn mowed, the edges cut, and a variety of other things done, which cut my work load in half.  There have been rides to get the pinto bean seed with Grandpa, then many trips out to the field to take the bean sacks to Grandpa— so Grandpa could plant them.  Then a trip out to bring Grandpa home for supper or lunch, or to gather the pinto bean sacks from the edges of the field.

But all work and no play makes life very dull.

Evening-whiteSo a fun evening with Uncle Evan and Auntie Jolyne playing a game occurred.

Cousin Zack, (Blade’s Dad’s brother’s son) came and spent the day (yesterday)  with us..swimming in the afternoon, ice cream with 8th grade friends, and a round of miniature golf. (All withOUT grandparents hovering around!)

Terry and Blade have been staying up ”’WAY”’ late watching American Ninja Warriors. Since Zack spent the night it was guys night  watching the amazing feats of the competitors.  (Going to bed early can occur at their own homes. 🙂 )

Zack will go back home this evening, but not before more ‘cool’ things happen.  Life at Grammy and Grandpa’s should be extra special don’t you think?

We will pick up Linkin on Saturday (she has been at camp) then we will take the kids and meet their parents half-way Sunday afternoon.

July the kids will be traveling with their parents, then in August we will have Linkin for a week.

Every moment is one cherished!

Your friend,


A Gift to Me From Kate, and Now to You —- Wednesday, June 18, 2014

back-forty.jpgHere is the point of the Cactus Hill…a rocky point on the south west side of our farm.  This is the Back Forty—Those two trees, a dark green and a grey green make the boundary of the south side of that part of the Farm.  That dark wasteland is the west side.  When we had cows they loved this part of the farm second best…first best was the Upper End.

Catus-2The cactus are just starting to bloom up there…a peach colored,

Catcus-8And hot pink right now.  The yellow ones are a bit later.

GrassThe grass at the Upper End –also at the south end of the farm—is thick and full…

More-GrassSure makes me miss cows.–That’s Terry coming back from checking on a drain ditch.

Anyway after a night of horrendous  55 m.p.h. winds we woke to a beautiful morning and only 20 m.p.h. wind.

I’ll take it!  It’s cooler but nice!

Then when I came upstairs to read my emails I found I had a gift from Kate Chiconi

Double-rainbow,-Dorrigo,-NSA double rainbow all the way from, Dorrigo, New South Wales, Australia!

It’s so nice to have a rainbow after wild storms!  Even if this one didn’t appear out my window, it did appear as a gift to me from a friend way around the world!

Thank you, Kate, for giving us this wonderful sign of Friendship and Hope and Beauty!

Your farm friend,


P.S.  Don’t forget, if you have something you would like to share—story, photo, rainbows, animals,  or birds.  I’m always interested in what you send me.  If you don’t mind I would love to share them with all of those who have subscribed to my blog.