The Sky, Appearing Different throughout the Day — Monday, February, 1, 2021

There, just over-head…

Those marvelous pieces of vapor

Breaking up the melancholy feel

Of a bleak winter’s day.

Clouds…just a joyous as a sky full of birds!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


Earth, Sky, Snow, Sleet— Thursday, January 28, 2021

As the snow fell heavily on the farm

The Sandhill Cranes bunched together –trying to warm their soddened feathers.

I felt a tad sorry for them.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



I Love Watching Shadows—-Sunday, December 16, 2018

From my office window upstairs I can see the shadows as they change, develop, and disappear daily

They grow long, shrink short,

Compress together until many shadows become one

The sunlight moves upon the land making all the shadows

Ripple and move like silk

Until the land is deep into the dark

But the full sun also forms magic shadows

Shadows all brought to us by that exquisite sky

From my world to your heart,



God(s) Make the Sky—-Monday, June 18, 2018

Who is to say the Old Gods do not roam this world anymore?  Those Old Mythical Creatures of Ancient times?

Or those Gods of the American Indian?

Whose to say that science isn’t right?

That everything and everyone is all created along logical sequence…and operate along the same way?

Who is to say that physics isn’t a true fact?

Or to argue the Holy Book(s) are not true?

Who is to say?

Not I…never me.


Because I see the moods reflected in the sky.

I feel the wind ripple the water, the plants and touch my skin.

I stand all amazed at the morning light in the eastern sky

And walk at midnight under ragged clouds covering the moon as it advances across the heavens.

I’ve had my eyes filled with color as the noonday sun gradually slides into twilight and darkness

I’ve watched the earth turn…from the shortest days to the longest days. From the longest days back to the short dark days.

No matter how the heavens appear, or how they function, or what logic lays in their operation…I agree with those of old.

God(s) Make the Sky…there is no other explanation for me.

From my world to your heart,


The Voice of the Wind—-Monday, April 25, 2016

Dams-1I can’t remember now, which day was so full of wind we had trouble setting the dams in the dirt ditch, maybe it was Thursday or Friday — when you don’t work for someone else each day tends to be the same as the day before and the day following.

More-DamsAnyway we had a big wind for along time.  It was cold at different points, warmer at other points.

Ditch-CompanyThe canals filled up with trash — enough that the ditch company had to come back through with their equipment to clean them out.

More-DCBoomer was deeply enchanted with having them come through

Stranger!The wind actually picked up his ears, for him, as he ran forward to ‘save the farm’  I was delighted at his cute ears flying in the wind!

Mid-night-water-checkWind of that magnitude (55 m.p.h. gusts) causes us to go out several times at night —keeping the canal in it’s banks, the irrigation water in the proper ditches and the furrows going straight.  Night-CheckAll without weeds and debris, to choke everything off and cause floods. Runs like this give us a sense of absolute security.

FlowingThen the wind leaves, pushing its way onto other parts of the country.  The setting sun lights up the water with jewels; the flat lands and canyons below our mesa shadowed in deep indigo and purple, the edges of the Uncompahgre rich in the color of rubies.

SetTerry and I share a deep contentment, of work well done, as we finish up in the company of the sky.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



Time, Passing, Moving Forward, Always—Sunday, December 13, 2015

Sky-2All of my life, even as a small child, I have felt there is something I am meant to do. Something.  Not big, not amazingly over-the-top, but something.

To be honest, everything I tried didn’t seem to be whatever the ‘it‘ is.  Although, I have enjoyed many, many things.

Here I am, almost 67 years old in one month, and I STILL don’t know what “it” is.

BigBut I must admit that ‘it’ nags at me, causes a sorta ‘need to know.’

Terry and his family are all super talented, it seems there isn’t anything they can’t do or create or achieve.  My brother and my family, also seem the same way, except for me…for some reason I can’t figure out what draws at my heart–what I am supposed to be doing —- while alive on the face of this earth.

Something that is niggling at the back of my mind saying: ‘time is starting to run out’.  It will not belong to each of us forever.  So I have decided if I haven’t figured out this—whatever it is—I’m probably not going too this late in the game.


Instead I’ll just enjoy each day that is given to me.  My greatest and strongest wish I have is to experience joy in every fiber of my being, my mind, and my soul for whatever time I have left to me.  And to do that…all I have to do is enjoy each and every moment of every day I have left on earth.

A great big sundog appeared in morning sky today.  A major cold front is coming toward us.  The weather people say it will be here Wednesday…yep, right on time. Sundog portends a cool down in three days.

Sometimes I look at the sky and wonder…most people only see the emptiness of the sky, for the those things that live upon the earth clang and jar with sound and the trials and troubles of everyday living, plus people thrum with their own energy; their own lives.

But if you will stop and listen you can sense the procession of time on the earth and in the sky–something is going on in that great silence beyond our own knowing.

With much love, your friend,



Yesterday’s Storm–Wednesday, August 26, 2015

StormLast evening it looked like a storm (just might possibly) come in.  The sky changed, the feel to air changed, it smelled like rain.

jklThen it blew away.  Still today the haze is not AS bad.

I sure hope we (meaning everyone who is in dire need of rain) gets some soon.  Rain to stop all the forest fires, to green up the earth, to clean the skies, and to bring life back on the land.

Your friend,


Sunday, January 13, 2013

It’s snowing here today.

Last night, I remembered that I hadn’t taken my 4 o’clock photo yet.  I usually take it on Wednesday afternoon, but for some reason it slipped my mind.


Our days are growing longer, instead of 9 hours and 30 minutes long, we have reached new lengths of 9 hours and 42 minutes.


We are still cold.  Although, three days ago we warmed up to above freezing for about two hours, I did the happy feet dance the whole time.


Our day was darkening down when I got outside, the snow clouds just starting to blow in over the Plateau.  Our storms usually come out of eastern Utah, crossing the Uncompahgre, then moving on past us toward the North Fork of Delta county.  From there I don’t know where the storms go.


Randomly and very rarely (right where we live) a big storm will roll into Montrose from the Durango area, blow itself around to the Plateau and then land on us.  The storms from the San Juan area can lose steam at Montrose and never make it clear on down here to our Mesa.


Even rarer is the storm that comes in from Gunnison, spins onto Montrose, then to us.  Usually those storms (the ones from Gunnison head into Peach Valley and the Black Canyon area, then into the town proper of Delta).

I watch the sky a lot……as if you can’t tell.  The sky and the weather are major interest and concerns when you farm and have animals that live outside.


But besides those things—I just plain enjoy the magic of the heavens and how they  swirl and play upon the land.



The Morning After

The huge cold front is pushing itself through our area, leaving behind a beautiful sunset last night complete with sun brightened  jet streams.

This morning as the sun came up I saw a sun dog along with the sunrise.

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Our sky’s are just wonderful!  All we need to do is look up!

Have a really nice Tuesday, everyone!