All in a Day’s Work —- Wednesday, August, 9, 2017

The pinto beans are setting on and starting to fill out —harvest will be sometime in September

Since we leave all our windows open day and night, the house smells like fresh mown hay.  Third cutting…  time is passing quickly now

While Terry mowed the hay I mowed my lawn…it was in dire need of my attention! 🙂

Yesterday we hauled in gravel and spread it on the long, long lane from the farmyard to the road….also putting down gravel in the farm yard itself

Then the thing I hate to do worse than anything….is getting Terry out of a tight spot.

He went over to make a ditch, got stuck…I had to come over and pull him out…

When he is in a ditch like this I’m always afraid I will pull him ‘wrong’ and cause the tractor to tip over.

When I was young our neighbor did tip over and it killed him.   Then (when our kids were grown) Terry’s good friend was working on one of his ditches when his tractor tipped over and killed him.

Scary stuff…working on wet ditches!

Finally we made it to the end of the day…the water changed for the last time until first light.


It was time to watch a little TV, rest a spell before bed. to relax.

Boomer lay down beside my chair, while I worked on a needlepoint canvas.

The day finally …. finally coming to an end.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


24 thoughts on “All in a Day’s Work —- Wednesday, August, 9, 2017

  1. J > In the UK there’s legal measures to stop tractors being used without anti-roll bars around the drivers seat. Nowadays, those sort of accidents occur only with quad-bikes, though farm workers are required to have training on how to use them safely. Terry – about time you got some anti-roll bars fitted – Linda will NOT be happy if you go and kill yourself in a ditch!

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  2. Things are really looking good over there! Congrats! 3rd cutting – Awesome! We’ve had over 7″ of rain in the past 2 weeks – I am a relieved and happy camper 🙂

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  3. Towing! I hate it too! The only time I ever drove our White 2105 tractor was being towed and I didn’t know the shifting pattern. Argggghh….glad you got it done all right. Your beans and hay look fantastic. btw I met another dog named Boomer down at the river today. He was as sweet as I imagine Colorado Boomer to be.

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