Each Day a Brilliant Victory—Thursday, August, 17, 2017

Each  day we are moving closer and closer to fall…there is a wee nip in the air come first light, enough to make Boomer, Sam and Mindy curl into balls to keep warm. Those silly furry things still want to sleep outside, but soon they will [all] choose the warmed of the house.

It was 51* f here (10.55 c) when we got up this morning.  Very odd for August.  More like September…late September.

Still the view on the farm is green and gentle; the mild air warming up to a soft and lovely warmth.

Terry is baling hay in the lingering dew…too much and the bales will rot, not enough and the leaves fall off the stem, making the hay useless.  So carefully, at just the right time, the dried alfalfa is gathered by the baler and smashed into bales spreading that fresh hay smell throughout the farm.

Then later in the day we—and yes it is a true ‘we’— have been working on laying steel for the extension to the other building.

And I have begun painting the trim on the house. I want to get it done so I can paint some of the lawn furniture.  I also need to go down to the other place and paint the old chicken house.  I’ve been wanting to do that for several years, but can never seem to get the time.  I’m hoping this is the year I can get it done!

Anyway, not much going on here with the crops…changing water the big thing and the consistent work.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



All in a Day’s Work —- Wednesday, August, 9, 2017

The pinto beans are setting on and starting to fill out —harvest will be sometime in September

Since we leave all our windows open day and night, the house smells like fresh mown hay.  Third cutting…  time is passing quickly now

While Terry mowed the hay I mowed my lawn…it was in dire need of my attention! 🙂

Yesterday we hauled in gravel and spread it on the long, long lane from the farmyard to the road….also putting down gravel in the farm yard itself

Then the thing I hate to do worse than anything….is getting Terry out of a tight spot.

He went over to make a ditch, got stuck…I had to come over and pull him out…

When he is in a ditch like this I’m always afraid I will pull him ‘wrong’ and cause the tractor to tip over.

When I was young our neighbor did tip over and it killed him.   Then (when our kids were grown) Terry’s good friend was working on one of his ditches when his tractor tipped over and killed him.

Scary stuff…working on wet ditches!

Finally we made it to the end of the day…the water changed for the last time until first light.


It was time to watch a little TV, rest a spell before bed. to relax.

Boomer lay down beside my chair, while I worked on a needlepoint canvas.

The day finally …. finally coming to an end.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


A Moment of Relief—Tuesday, August, 30, 2016

StormLast Thursday the heat of the afternoon bore down on us in such a wave of intensity I thought this fall weather had made a huge and dramatic turn back to summer.

The-color-redTerry was gone for the day, having flew out of Montrose for a meeting in Brighton, Colorado; it was up to Boomer and I to check the irrigation and  keep the farm running.

It was late in the afternoon; the gnats and mosquitoes were in swarms of carnivorous activity wherever we walked along the ditch bank—- when I felt the cool down from the swiftly moving clouds.

Storm-2It started sprinkling just before we got back to the house.  Then it started to rain.


Not a bad rain, a gentle rain, a moment of relief from the suffocating heat; enough so the sparrows hung out on the wire taking a bath.

HailSuddenly the sky turned into hail, the birds, Boomer and I scattering. The blows from the hail and the wind silencing everything and everyone as we hunkered down waiting for the end.

Yellow-2Gradually the noise lessened; the air ringing empty—only the canal talking loudly as the water rushed by.

We got an inch of rain from that storm…a mixed blessing, because of the hail.

From my world to your heart,



Sunday, August 18, 2013

I had my first in a very long-time day to myself yesterday.  I was able to get some stuff done in town that has been every so long in coming.  5 Weeks!

Five weeks of not really buying groceries…just running in for milk or something of that nature…you would NOT have liked my grocery bill…I didn’t either. 😦  Still I was thankful that I HAD rather stock piled some things and we had the freezer with some meat and the end of the jars I had put up last summer/fall.  It all worked out for the best.  Now I just need to start rebuilding, I’m down to four package of hamburger, many frozen chickens and some frozen vegetables, like corn.  Going five weeks without really shopping and eating and feeding people straight from the larder is really nice.



(You can see the yellow leaves starting to appear)

When I was working outside yesterday I noticed the little Robins are gone.  They have left us I know not when. 😦 😦  Another sure sign that winter is coming.  We still have lots of swallows and the hummingbirds plus many others.

A crow landed in the old cottonwood tree as I worked and cawed to me he was back and fall was coming.  I guess it is so.


Last week was my last full week of having the little grandchildren everyday.  Since both of their parents….Misty (teaches) and Kelly (Assistant Principal) go back to work the First of August ————–THANK HEAVENS MISTY HAS FELT WELL ENOUGH TO GO BACK!!!!  The kids stay with us.


Thursday (the kids and I)  went to Fat Cat Pottery to create something fun, then Friday we had a fun day by eating out (JUNK FOOD) at Wendy’s, then going on over to the Miniature Golf place and played a round, after that we went to the batting cages to see if we could hit a few soft balls.

Then to top the whole afternoon off we headed to Dairy Queen for ice cream.  I let them have the biggest ice cream they thought they could eat  :).

This next week the two oldest will hop the bus and be in school.  The youngest will stay with us until Thursday when it will be her turn to start school.  Kindergarten rotates the little ones in so no one is afraid and can handle the new environment.


After that Terry and I think we will take a short trip just to unwind by ourselves, something over night but close by.

He has stopped irrigating the pintos and will start pulling them soon.  Then it will be time for  the last cutting of alfalfa.  When that time comes he will have stopped irrigating the corn.  Corn harvest will/should be sometime in October.  Boy, this summer has flown.

I hope everyone has a restful Sunday,

Your very thankful friend, Linda

Reaping Rewards

August is the lushest month so far, with September coming soon.  Evening temperatures as dipping down into the low 50’s and the day’s climbing into the high 80s and early 90s, making everything say: “Let’s produce for it might freeze soon”. 

As humans we get to reap the reward of the plants need to reproduce and therefore save the next generation.  The Super-Nova Brugmansia plant has over 65 blooms; I’ve never seen so many on one plant before.