A Gift of Earth and Sky—Thursday, July 23, 2020

I sometimes get to thinking this blog is rather repetitious

I seem to only write about the sky, the plants on the farm

My yard

Irrigating…morning, noon, night

Animals which move around in the night

And the day

The worker bee of the farm...the whole farm runs on this one person, you do understand

Sometimes I liven things up a tad

OR a daytime sighting of a typically nocturn fox

Oh, Yes, I forgot we do have the returning deer

And the joyful visit of grandchildren and granddogs

And that sweet little beagle

And that very independent cat.

Not only the work of spring, summer, and fall, the work of winter

I suppose it may be repetitious

It is our life…

Shared with you on this wee little space in time

a miracle on our tiny spot of Earth and Sky

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,




20 thoughts on “A Gift of Earth and Sky—Thursday, July 23, 2020

  1. It is the nature of life, and especially the farming life, to be cyclical, for seasons, creatures, crops and weather to repeat and reappear. You reassure us that all is well, that the world is as it should be.


  2. Your blog is pretty repetitive…but that’s the beauty of it. The showing up day after day after day doing the work, the care, the love, the good, the bad, the days off, the water on, the water off, the cows in, the cows out, the sandhill cranes, the alfalfa, the sitting at the grain bins… I look forward to this every year after year after year…


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