A Gift of Earth and Sky—Thursday, July 23, 2020

I sometimes get to thinking this blog is rather repetitious

I seem to only write about the sky, the plants on the farm

My yard

Irrigating…morning, noon, night

Animals which move around in the night

And the day

The worker bee of the farm...the whole farm runs on this one person, you do understand

Sometimes I liven things up a tad

OR a daytime sighting of a typically nocturn fox

Oh, Yes, I forgot we do have the returning deer

And the joyful visit of grandchildren and granddogs

And that sweet little beagle

And that very independent cat.

Not only the work of spring, summer, and fall, the work of winter

I suppose it may be repetitious

It is our life…

Shared with you on this wee little space in time

a miracle on our tiny spot of Earth and Sky

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,




Written in the Book of Life — Tuesday, July 23, 2019


It’s been fun trying to take photos of bugs in flight.¬† (I know you already know that, but I had to tell you anyway ūüôā ūüôā¬† )

Although, I still find it thrilling to get birds in flight

Do you ever come across something in your day that is so perfect

So wonderful that you just must capture it on camera,

So it can stay in that perfect place of perfection forever?

I do. And when I do

I always think to myself: What a gift this life is, what an amazingly beautiful,

meant to be enjoyed, Life we live!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,




Echoes of Thunder —-Monday, July 23, 2018

A big storm rolled in last evening…massive clouds dropping chutes of rain all around us

The thunder and lightning played along the Uncompahgre Plateau

Terry and I sat outside under the carport and letting raindrops fall all around us.

After the fast-moving storm headed beyond us it was time to change the irrigation water one last time before night.

The light tumbling and playing within and on the storm clouds was invigorating.

Coming back in through all the fields of corn, alfalfa and the pinto beans I thought to myself the air feels more like August than July.¬† The heat sits on one (I AM NOT COMPLAINING — I do so love Summer!) the air hot and humid, and a certain stillness which bespeaks of growing and maturing plants.

Later, much later, Boomer and I went for a wee walk about–just to look at that glorious flourishing moon!

 Drowning us in light.  The clouds tumbling before a high-unseen wind; first covering the moon then not.

Closer to morning I saw the moon peaking light throughout the tops of the tasseled corn.

I think night is just so beautiful.  I do.

From my world to your heart,


The Jewels of Summer—Sunday, July 23, 2017

The corn is starting to tassel out…

And baby ears of corn starting to form

The pinto beans are shooting feelers (last year’s photo–I lost this years somehow—I’ve been weeding the 16 acres early morning and late evening. ¬†Once the rows grow shut anything nasty growing out there—corn, cockleburs, ragweed, Pigweed, yellow sticker weed, scotch thistle….gets to grow. ¬†Not a good thing, but how it is.

My yard is doing

Great!  The new railroad ties beds are softening up and looking ever so much better

The air smells lush and rich– full of sweetness

Summer — I can’t ask for anything more!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


Catch a Falling Star — Thursday, July 23, 2015

HayAfter Terry cut¬†the alfalfa and I stopped painting for the day–meaning after supper, we went out and worked in the pinto bean field.PB1WE FINISHED!!! ¬†The pinto beans are free and clear (for a spell)

feelers.jpgThere will be weeds appearing again, but for Terry and I— we are done. ¬†The pinto beans are starting to shoot the feelers. ¬†These little vines will grab onto to each other and cause the rows to grow shut.

Beautiful The sun had set and we were heading back home, when I noticed something flashing and twinkling in the late evening sky.


Drifting down, down, down we saw it land gently in the upper part of the pinto bean field.  Hopeing it would NOT get away I hurried to the upper end of the pinto bean field, to see a helium balloon shaped like a star resting among the pinto bean rows.


A fun little gift from the heavens!

Star¬†I nestled the star on the four-wheeler, laying a large rock on it’s string, tucked my weeding knife securing under the bars and brought the falling star home.

Your friend on a Western Colorado farm,


Hummingbirds July 23, 2013

I’m going to post some photos of the huge amount of hummers we have now…at least 40 visit the feeders all day long. ¬†Feeder-2 We have the Black-chinned Hummingbird, ¬†the Broad-tailed Hummers, Ruby-Throat, Rufous so far!


I’ve tried to get a photo of all of them at once, but it is proving futile.



But still I try

In-FlightI saw a rainbow …

Rainbow-2they always give me a good feeling of…well…

Rainbow-1I guess HOPE!

Off to water my plants before the heat sucks us down to nothing. ¬†It’s supposed to be 101* today.