Back on the Land—Wednesday, October 2, 2019

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We started the water on the alfalfa fields yesterday morning

It felt good to be back out on the land, picking up siphon tubes, setting dams, digging out rows

We’ve had a

tremendous amount of wind the last several days, which also brings with it trash from the harvested pinto bean fields

It truly feels good to be walking, lifting, shoveling, moving, smelling the water as it makes its way down the rows in the field, instead of an echo remembered

All of us were rejoicing/singing as we did our work.

The renters left the fields in good shape.  No complaints there.

Still, it’s okay to send round and tell the neighbors, we are Back on the Land!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



By the Gift of Friendship—-Sunday, March 25, 2018

This month (March 18th to be exact) I have been blogging eleven years.

I have shared our simple, busy, farm life with you. I have shared my excitement over the fresh green shoots of new grass growing, or the tiny little plants of corn or pinto beans, today I’m showing you the sprouts of alfalfa just starting to arrive in the alfalfa field.

For eleven years you have watch the soul of each and every season—the opening of the land, the growing season, harvest…and the rest– called winter.

You have been with Terry and I as we built and repaired fences, or as in yesterday—took one clear out so we could have a larger field.

You’ve been with me through the joys and wonders of the wild life upon our farm—the last of the Sand Hill Cranes left our farm yesterday—lifting up into the sky with thrilling calls telling us THANK You….we will come again.  And I stood there and called back to them….PLEASE DO! You are always welcome.

Coming back into the yard I saw three Robins….Spring is truly here for sure!

You’ve shared night-time walks with me (this is the moon right now…2:00 a.m)

And that amazing sky we live under.

Thank you each and everyone so much for coming along with me, for leaving me your comments so I can get to know you also, and for being readers, even if you don’t leave comments.

Thank you for making my eleven years of blogging so very rewarding.

From my heart to your world,


The Middle of the Growing Season—-Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Yesterday Terry decided it was time to cut the hay

Rich, thick, full of blooms Second Cutting of hay

Today our whole house smells of delicious ‘just mown’ alfalfa…drying in the sun and wind

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


The Song of Fall—Monday, October 27, 2014

SoonSoon now.  The stalks and the ears are getting that ‘look’.  Soon.

15Sometime today Terry will go out and pick a ear from every field —shell each ear in it’s own test bucket, then take the ear to the elevator to get a moisture test.  To harvest our corn the moisture needs to be at 14, any higher than that the corn will mold in the elevators. If you are selling to a feed lot then can take a higher corn moisture….but not where we take it.

Loading-out-hayOur haystacks are shrinking!  Very little left now.  The man that is loading out will take that whole stack he is working on, as I took the photo.  There is a smaller stack (100) which goes to a horse woman, and the stack that is still covered (we cover all the hay) goes to Delta Elevator.  Terry’s goal is for the hay to be gone before winter sets in and Hank’s cows arrive.  We have to build pretty good fences around the stacks if we still have hay and cows; preferably we just give them the run of the place otherwise.


In checking the ground in the alfalfa field we realized that it’s terribly dry, so we will start the irrigation water this week.  We MUST do it this week since the Ditch Company will turn all the water off November 1st.   A week is enough to get the whole thing wet then the alfalfa will go into the winter nicely. 14The wind is blowing now and it’s cold.  A cold front is moving in today and will linger for at least five days.  I love walking in the fields with the wind blowing —- here is an old video from a long time back of the wind in the corn…

I find listening to the wind in the corn as lovely as wind whistling through pine trees.


Late afternoon Fuzzy, Boomer and I go for a four-wheeler ride around the farm…up to the headgate, through the Upper End, into the Back Forty, down the road by the alfalfa field, sometimes over to the equipment area and then to the other house, or we just drive into the corn fields and sit and listen to the sounds.


Peace floods my heart, mind and soul.  I am so thankful to be able to live and work here.


Life is Good, My Friends, Life is Good!

Wishing you the best of the day!

Your Friend,