On a Fun Cruise — Sunday, June 28, 2020

(Photo by Kyla Vasicko at the rest stop on Grand Mesa)

Our Car Club had a fun cruise Thursday…

We had to be up at the grey part of the day to get everything done so we could make it to Safeway, where everyone was to meet

Then we were off heading toward Rifle

To enjoy lunch at “Shooters”

After lunch, it was on to Glenwood Springs

Then Redstone

For a wee stop.  These are the coke oven’s at Red Stone

Soon we were traveling over  McClure Pass (we started to run into rain, at this point)

Home, Home again to finish up the days’ chores and to rest our sunburned faces. 🙂

It was ever so much fun!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,




Rocky Chaco Man—Thursday, June 28, 2018

On the day the full moon of June arrived

Rested while being hugged and read too at the Mesa County Library Reading to Dogs program

Eight little kids got to love and hug and read a book to Rocky The Rock Star!

Even the adults got in on the hug/love/pet Rocky part!

Your the best, Buddy!

From Boomer the Beaglie, Sherlock


The Middle of the Growing Season—-Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Yesterday Terry decided it was time to cut the hay

Rich, thick, full of blooms Second Cutting of hay

Today our whole house smells of delicious ‘just mown’ alfalfa…drying in the sun and wind

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


When Time Stops—Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Evening-Gift-2On Sunday we left the Uncompahgre Plateau—25 Mesa to be exact—around three o’clock in the afternoon. Leaving behind the sun-warmed flowers, leaf mold, and coolness mountain air always seems to have.

Good-Morning-SunshineThe morning of Monday the sun broke free of the tree line; way after we got in from changing the water.  The air was full of wide awake birds, winging their way here and there.  Their flights crisscrossing the paths of other birds…no flight plan needed.

All-season-allAll, except for the pinto bean field,  the tractor work has ceased.  One more time a little later the pinto beans will be cultivated—knocking down the weeds so the beans can grow without interference.

Sun-over-the-PlateauWe work until the light slowly fades, retreating beyond the Uncompahgre Plateau.  The thick shadows, edge the the little knolls on our place, and rim the the ditch banks.  The fugitive light highlights the leaves on the corn causing green shadows, which shift in the evening breeze.

Shadows“This is my favorite time of the day,”  Terry tells me at least once a week.  “The air cools, a feeling of renewal takes place, everything starts to have a calm feeling.”

Morning-FlightFor me it is morning.

My favorite time of the day…for just a second, as the sky lightens, the hope of the new day rises in me, I feel energized and ready for whatever might come.”

SunriseIt is only for a moment.

Then the sun bursts froth and the day begins.  But for the moment it feels as if the freshness of the day will last forever.


Either way—sunrise, or sunset…the feeling is there.  The moment when time stops.  I’m sure it is different for everyone.  That feeling of birth.

From my world to your heart,


Listen—Sunday, June 28, 2015

Set-4The heat is ferocious–late July and early August heat.  Bearing down and smashing one into the ground.  Still I’ll take it any day over the long, dark, cold, and dreary days of winter.


Scotch-BluebonnetsYears ago I saw these beautiful flowers growing in my Mother-in-law’s yard.  She was ripping them out and tossing them in the trash heap.

“Oh, what are those beautiful plants”?  I asked her.

“Scotch Bluebonnets”, she replied.  “You don’t want them, they spread like weeds.”

“Oh, but I do! May I have a couple of shovel fulls to plant in me yard?”  I replied with shinning eyes!

“Honestly you will NOT want these things” she said in disgust,  as she put two shovel full of starts in a cardboard box for me.

I hugged the box to my chest and placed it very carefully in the trunk of the car.  “Thank you!” I cried.  “I’m sure I will love them.”

“Don’t thank me”, she very tiredly replied.  “I guarantee you will not like them, in the long run.”

I can assure you, many, many, years later…SHE WAS RIGHT!  I do NOT want these invasive weeds masquerading as flowers.  Horrid plants!  Just HORRID!  They are everywhere in my yard, in the grass on the lawn, in every flowerbed, along side the ditches—-ugh!

The-end-of-the-dayEvery morning the earth, the sky, and the air seem so fresh and alive. If one stands still surrounded by the chirps and chitters of all the birds; stands outside and is very still.  Still in the mind, not just the body, still so your soul can hear—the voice of the earth will speak loud and clear.

It seems that the rocks and the trees and even the soil underneath your feet is waking refreshed and eager to start the day.


As the day ends and night creeps along our mesa; lengthening it’s way toward the west;  I can sometimes feel the sweet song of bedtime flowing down deep within the earth.

Today is Sunday. Today we only do those things that MUST be done…today we rest and enjoy the fruits of the past week, preparing for the new week.

I hope each and everyone of you have a good Sunday, my friends!

Your friend on a western Colorado Farm