The Adventures of Boomer on Friday— Those Darn Horses

Dad, Mom and I went on the four-wheelers to check the Upper End (I didn’t see Kit Fox, or Momma Fox are any of my friends ☹) and the Back Forty.

Mom was pretty excited to see all the Sand Hill Cranes up there, but I didn’t see any of my friends.

We didn’t see any coyotes either…. which is a VERY good thing.

But we did see T’Ata and Glory Bee

Although, I don’t know if that was a good thing or not.

I am truly not fond of HORSE KISSES!!!


(I barked at T’Atat, but she ignored me!  Humph!)



The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—-So Mom Says to Me

my-boomie-my-booSo Mom says to me—“Guess what, Boomie-Boo?  The sun is shining and it is kinda warm outside….lets go for a four-wheeler ride!

With that Mom, Dad, and myself ran out the back door, hopped onto the four-wheelers.  (Well, I didn’t hop, Mom won’t let me because of my very weak knee).  We took off for the Upper End, the Back Forty, No Man’s Land, even ran up on the Rocky Point where we saw a coyote heading down from Coyote Hill and racing through No Man’s Land onto the our neighbor’s pasture and through all the grazing cows.

The cows stopped and watch the coyote, took up the “you come to near and I will charge you” stance…but the coyote ran on.  Dad said we must have scared the ‘daylights’ out of the coyote for it to take off like it did.

Mom and I watched and watched until the coyote turn around a hill and was gone.


Then Dad went down and check out a one of the fence lines while Mom and I rode on top of the hill checking another fence line.


Then we all met up where Romeo hangs out, talked to him for a spell and headed back home.


It was a great time riding in the sunshine!





The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—Things to be Doing


“Hurry up, Boom!  We’ve got things we need to be doing!”  Mom patted her leg and took off at a good clip of a walk.

Huh?!  Hurry! UP!?  That only means one thing… we are going somewhere!

Yep, Mom lifted my up on the back of the four-wheeler, waited a spell.  Dad was moving the tractor with the loader out of its shed, which is right behind where Mom and Dad park their four-wheelers.

GoingThen Dad took off going one direction and Mom and I headed to the Back Forty!

Soon as we were up where we were going mom gave me the talk: (I get the talk EVERYTIME, okay…Mom go ahead, get it over with so I can go do my stuff) “Don’t roll in anything stinky or nasty, Boomer.  Or you won’t get to sleep inside tonight!  Also, come when I call or you hear my four-wheeler start…there will be a treat for you when we get back home.”


TREAT!  I love TREATS, so I really, really, really, try hard to remember to come when mom calls or the four-wheeler starts.  I really do TRY hard!!!!


So anyway, Mom started doing whatever it was she wanted to do up there and I took OFF! There so many things to sniff and smell!


Fun things to look upon and interesting animals….sniff, sniff….badger… porcupine—hum, don’t go that way…once quilled is enough for me.  Let’s see the swamp is full of Red-winged blackbirds…Pheasants, doves, quails…ah so much to learn ab…..

HUH!!! Do I hear Mom calling?  Maybe…I’ll go in a minute or so…sniff, sniff… OH!  The four-wheeler is starting up…HURRY! I got to hurry or I won’t get a treat….HURRY!!!



Yumm—dog cookie!

Humm, mom is back outside and has her purse… “Come on, Boom! Let’s go to town.”


TOWN!  Oh, boy! TOWN!


Gosh, this has been a great day…and it isn’t even noon yet!

Wonder what the afternoon is going to bring!




A Gift to Me From Kate, and Now to You —- Wednesday, June 18, 2014

back-forty.jpgHere is the point of the Cactus Hill…a rocky point on the south west side of our farm.  This is the Back Forty—Those two trees, a dark green and a grey green make the boundary of the south side of that part of the Farm.  That dark wasteland is the west side.  When we had cows they loved this part of the farm second best…first best was the Upper End.

Catus-2The cactus are just starting to bloom up there…a peach colored,

Catcus-8And hot pink right now.  The yellow ones are a bit later.

GrassThe grass at the Upper End –also at the south end of the farm—is thick and full…

More-GrassSure makes me miss cows.–That’s Terry coming back from checking on a drain ditch.

Anyway after a night of horrendous  55 m.p.h. winds we woke to a beautiful morning and only 20 m.p.h. wind.

I’ll take it!  It’s cooler but nice!

Then when I came upstairs to read my emails I found I had a gift from Kate Chiconi

Double-rainbow,-Dorrigo,-NSA double rainbow all the way from, Dorrigo, New South Wales, Australia!

It’s so nice to have a rainbow after wild storms!  Even if this one didn’t appear out my window, it did appear as a gift to me from a friend way around the world!

Thank you, Kate, for giving us this wonderful sign of Friendship and Hope and Beauty!

Your farm friend,


P.S.  Don’t forget, if you have something you would like to share—story, photo, rainbows, animals,  or birds.  I’m always interested in what you send me.  If you don’t mind I would love to share them with all of those who have subscribed to my blog.




The Golden Corral for Cows — January 28, 2014

GC2Right at noon the cows arrived for a lovely feast.

Mr. Davis has been bringing cows to our place for 45 years now.  Until three years ago his cows shared with our cows.  Now they have the whole place to themselves.  Unlimited food and water, not as big as the Uncompaghre Plateau, but good sized enough they can wander here and there and everywhere.

Golden-Corral-1It took them the better part of the afternoon into the evening to mosey on up to the Back Forty where the water is…the first food bar (one of the corn fields) held them until around 4 in the afternoon, then they started moving into the yummy alfalfa field until it was too dark for me to see anymore.

This morning they came walking up from the Back Forty to start another day of grazing.  (Part of the Back Forty was in that ugly fire we had two years ago.)  The cows like sleeping there, lots of nice brush, warm hillsides and drinking water.

In about two weeks (maybe sooner) we will start to see little ones popping up all over.  We will wake in the morning to see them scampering about, or have the gift of watching one being born.  The thing to remember about these cows as they are wild cows, raised on the Plateau, use to protecting themselves from wild dogs, coyotes, mountain lions, Lynx and other predators.  Meaning that the dogs and I can’t just trot out there to check on things like they know us as friends.   We have to take our time, let them get use to us, let chicken-hearted Boomer get use to them, then we can walk freely about.

Off now to take Boomer and Fuzzy to the groomer.  SHHHHHHHHHHHHH  don’t let Fuzzy know, I won’t be able to get him in the car.

Your farm friend with COWS AGAIN!!! YAY!




The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday —Doing Better

Today, in just a little while, I go with Mom to get my stitches out!

I’m ready!!!

Those things itch!  My back paw fits right where they are and it feeeeeeeeeeeeels so good.  Then Mom grabs my back leg and tells me to stop, “can’t do it right now, ole boy”, she says.  And pets me until I forget I had the itchys.

My tumor was right behind my shoulder blade and had grown into the shoulder blade area which is why I was having so much trouble walking.

But not anymore!


Every day we go for a walk and I made it clear around half the place yesterday.  Who says old dogs need to be put out to pasture?!


Mom, Dad, Boomer and I were looking at all the really early spring work (or is it late winter work?) Dad and Mom want to get done before the farming season starts.


Boomer and I were looking for anything of interest!


We saw lots of birds.  Some Mom was able to get a photo of but mostly she didn’t.


Boomer had to run off to the upper end and over to the back 40 (I sure would have liked to go) and we all heard him YELP.  He hollered at me the rabbits were hopping about, but I just couldn’t do it this time.  Next time I told him, not today.  You give chase for both of us!

And he did.


We were up there a long, long time.  When we started back home the cows were heading up to sleeping draw to spend the night.  They were early because a storm was coming in and they wanted to bed down before it hit.


I was glad to get back home too…that bedding down idea sounded really good.


Boomer said he would take a nap with me; that’s what buddies are for.


Well, anyway Mom and I are off to get the stitches out!  Everything is looking up.