The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—When it’s Hot

What’s a dog supposed to do when it’s hot? So hot all a dog can do is sit around panting?

GO FOR A RIDE WITH MOM AND DAD!  That’s what a dog can do—


Well….Sunday we all loaded up and ‘went to the hills’—Grand Mesa that is.  There we gave Linkin and Bladen back to their folks and hung around awhile.

Hank and I watched the chipmunks and Camp robbers steal  his dog food.  We just watched because we were hunkered down under Hank’s Mom and Dad’s trailer.

(We didn’t want to just watch, but……………)


Back home Mom and I saw Ruth…she was WAAAAAAAAAAAAY over there.  I hollered at her. She just continued to sit there.


We saw a skin…the skin of a bull snake, that is.  It was a big one!


There are lots of quail around and many, many, just starting to be able to fly baby pheasants.


When we go irrigate I always cool off.  I try to cool off, that is.

It’s sure been hot!



The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—Fun with Hank and the Kids

It’s been busy here!  I mean really busy.

Hank and I have had lots and lots to do!

Oh! Yeah.  Hank is here for 9 days! 9 Days of doing stuff with Hank and sometimes the kids!



We went to the park

Grandpa pushed the girls, Hank and I sat with Mom-mom and Mom; then we stiffed around all the bushes.


We went for a walk, actually many, many walks.  Hank and I walked with kids and then we would walk out onto the farm by ourselves.


We tried to follow grandpa when he would take the kids for a ride, If Blade went on the 4-wheeler then Hank and I ran beside him…that was ALWAYS exhausting.  But Blade doesn’t go fast so we can keep up.


We had a cook out where Blade played on the swing.  Mom said she was very happy to see the Swing going back and forth again.  J  Hank and I laid under the bushes and panted…it was hot that evening.


One time we all went to the river and played in the water down there.



I even tried climbing a tree… (I didn’t like it.  Hank didn’t even try to climb the tree)


The girls took me out swimming…not a favorite thing of mine to do—but Hank loved it.


Still more days to go…Hank and I, not best friends forever, like Fuzzy and I were,


but good friends.