April, Wet and Chill—-Tuesday, May 8, 2018

April left us, that wet and chill month, with the massive winds that searched into every crevice and ripped off shingles…the chill of the spring dusk causing the furnace to turn on now and again.

Still the plants woke, putting on a few green leaves, then more, until they studded the flower beds and shimmered the pastures in newness only Spring can bring.

The little humming birds have arrived…I think there are six breeding pairs here so far.  The air around their little wings humming so much it it’s like a harp making music.

May has arrived and the winds have changed…growing warm and gentle instead of those massive things we had in March and April.

A calm time.  The skies full of sunlight.  A time of growing and acceptance.

The first time in years!

MAY! What a joyous time!

Your friend on a western Colorado Farm,



Marianne’s New York Farm—Wednesday, August 12, 2014

ManyTerry and I were talking last evening trying to figure out how many hummingbirds we have now…it’s extremely hard to tell.  Lots and lots of them that is for sure.  I’m going through nine feeders a day.

So you would think I could get a good photo or two of the little flying jewels, but nope.

Another long time blog friend, Marianne, took some really good photos of the hummers at her farm in the state of New York: Northviewdairy.blogspot.com.  She is a first time grandma and lucky to have the little tyke and her mom and dad right there in the wonderful, large, and roomy farmhouse.  So when the parents are out at their day jobs…Marianne and Ralph get the baby ‘all to their selves’!!!!

Yesterday, Marianne captured a really fun photo post of a Momma hare and her teenaged bunny!  Head over and check it out…farming in a world of rich green loveliness!

Another of your farming friends,




July 2, 2013

We hit 100* again yesterday…I looked at the long-rang forecast -the next 10 days shows no relief in site.


Please send your thoughts and prayers to all of the grieving families who lost a firefighter in that horrible fire in Arizona…my heart goes out to everyone.

This morning we woke to scattered clouds…which means that the morning starts out a little cooler.


Blade is trying to learn to ride Terry’s unicycle (Terry is multi-talented)…he was suitably astonished at how very difficult it is to balance yourself and GO FORWARD.  That is Kelly, Blade’s Daddy, helping Blade.


I still have the 6 hummers (three pair) at my feeders.  I had wondered if I would get more, but the territories seem to be set now.


The Orioles have their own feeders (now) so they are not interested in the hummer feeders.  Use-this-snackI haven’t been able to get anymore photos of them as they seem to be shyer than the hummers.


Once more we had almost a rainbow as the storms played out in the heavens, nothing dropping to the earth since the air is so hot.

Have a good Tuesday everyone, I must get back outside before the heat sucks my energy flat!