Through the Air Lightly —- Thursday, March 14, 2019

The Sandhill cranes are still filling our fields at night, then taking to the skies early morning as they move ever northward.

One day (before this big storm arrived) I caught a wee snow cloud putting down snow on the Grand Mesa…it was a lovely sight to see.

Also, I had a photo of a Ringed-Neck Dove I took as it sat on the fence next to our lane…

It flew away when it saw me.

The last three photos were taken just a day or two before our big wet storm.  But they were so lovely I wanted to share them with you!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,




Visiting Lady—Wednesday, March 14, 2018

After the loss of Romeo, Lady was distraught and horribly depressed.  It was painful to watch her.

Terry and I and Shannon all took turns to love and pet her, feed her carrots and apples (which she adores) give her lots of brushing and just plain love.

Still it really wasn’t enough—the shadow cast from the loss of her protector and best friend was huge.

We let her back out of the farm where she ran to every place she and Romeo loved to frequent…crying out as she ran.
(This video will give you an idea of her sound.)

Gradually—over-time—with lots of love and reassurance she came to understand Romeo was gone.

Then came the sad, sad day she found the grave.  It really wasn’t far from the barn Romeo loved, but Lady had never given herself time to really notice ‘the spot’.

(Please understand that Romeo was buried in a very deep hole–six feet deep. We love and want to protect his body even in death.)

Shannon said the day Lady found the spot she stood on the grave for a good forty minutes.  Then she gradually walked away, going a short distance, then coming back, standing there a little more, until finally she left.

From that point on Lady started to adjust.  We felt l she had found him, and had come to the point of truly understanding, so she could move past her grief and despair.

(Lady talking to Terry and I—what a cutie)

Today she is moving forward in her little mule life.  She is completely and totally bonded to Shannon (but loves Terry and I also).  She and Shannon are going for rides and are taking riding classes.

From a very battered and damaged mule to a wonderful sweet companion…Lady the mule.

Life on a Colorado farm,


A Weekend Get Away—-Monday, March 14, 2016

CottonWoodFor my birthday, in January our daughter and son-in-law, who live in Grand Junction, Colorado, gave me (and Terry) a one-night-stay at our favorite of all hot springs— CottonWood  in Buena Vista, Colorado.   Then they told us they were going to drive us to the Hot Springs and spend the time with us.  When would we like to go?

After much thought…from January until March… we decided the best time to go would be just after the cows leave and the heavy farm work starts.

So this last weekend they picked us up (our oldest daughter who now lives in our other house — she took care of the cats for us and took Boomer home to play with their dogs) and drove us to our wonderful weekend destination.

NOW!  We had a little surprise for Cliff (our son-in-law) because HIS birthday is this month.  So we gave to him (and Kimberly) one nights stay, also.  🙂  🙂

LoveIt was a lovely time!  We had yummy food in Buena Vista and a huge breakfast in Salida on Sunday–home by 2:00 on Sunday, all rested and refreshed ready to tackle the week.

Dipping-atAn excellent weekend!

From my world to yours!