The Light Is Changing — Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Spring really is coming—-really really it is

Instead of pink just before the sun sets

The sky turns purple.

Tranquil, purple whispers of Spring.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


The Silent Ways of Our Earth — Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Sometimes I need an answer…

Something beyond what I know.

I need a sense of peace; filled with hope.

I need an answer or at least a direction

I can imagine…

You, too, have that awful need seeping in you and around you at times.

Then the circle completes itself and there is understanding and a way forward— again.

From my world to your heart,



For a Spell the World Becomes Small —- Monday, March 8, 2021

The cranes are starting to leave us

They are still landing here, resting, eating…gathering

Their distinctive calls brightening the day

For just a short while now

We will enjoy their presence

Before they move on toward Idaho

Their spring, summer, and early fall nesting sites.

Flying, higher and higher toward exciting adventures someplace wonderful.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



Our Last Week in a Series of Photos —- Sunday, March 8, 2020

We live in an area where the water table can cause havoc in a farm field.  So years and years and years ago, when our part of the world was just getting settled (from 1882 onwards)…the need for water and for good farm good was vital. (it still is)

As the population expanded the requirement for good land and water increased.  I have read diaries of men who helped create and build the canals on California Mesa and Ash Mesa which confirms the horrendous amount of work it took to bring water to our high mountain desert landscape.

After getting water here they realized they now had to put tile lines under the farm ground to get the water to ‘move’ on out and back into the canals.

These very creative people used thick clay tiles to create the drain lines which move the water from under the ground back into canals.

We are not sure, but we think the tile lines on our place were put in around 1890 or 1900.  Gradually over-time, the clay tiles collapse and must be replaced.

 So THAT is what we have been doing for six full days.  Replacing the tile line in one of our fields.  The water, which comes out of this tile line, feeds into a ditch that flows to all the farms in an area called Saw Mill Mesa.

This very expensive operation helps not only us but those on-down-the-line. 🙂

Now you have a wee lesson on water, the maintenance of the water and what we were doing this past week.

Tomorrow I will continue.  I hope I don’t bore you.  I found this whole process fascinating, interesting and VERY labor-intensive.  All through the process, I kept thinking about those marvelous men of years gone-by which did this all by hand.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,





Opening the Land/the Smell of Rich Turned Soil—Thursday, March 8, 2018

Terry finished disking up all the old corn stalks then started plowing Monday.

He will plow up all of last year’s pinto bean field, the two corn fields and the small little field at the upper end.

Turning the earth over, waking up the soil—-yes, farmers still plow in our area.  Off and on different farmers (us included) have tried the no-till, or the medium-till method, but it just doesn’t work for our area.

Our soil and the method of irrigation we use, does not support lack of plowing.

Therefore, in the bright, clean light of spring..alone on the waking earth,

 The tractor tranquilly moves back and forth upon the land.

For a spell now the wind has been still.  Not even a breeze wandering by to fluff up the clouds or shake the branches of the trees and bushes.

Our days (of late) have been blessed with sun and warmth bursting forth in clear light–the air all around us smelling of fresh turned soil…laying warm and mellow in the golden sun.

Spring work has begun!


Your friend on a western Colorado farm,




In the Meantime—-Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Terry got a phone call….

Terry’s brother and Charlotte came for a short visit.  They were traveling through on their way back home in Alabama.

While they were here Charlotte got to drive a tractor and the combine.  Of course the equipment wasn’t doing any work, but she got an idea of what it was like to be in them.

After lunch they headed on and Terry said…”let’s go work some more on the wood pile.  After we get a load I’ll farm some more.”

So we did.  By the time we got back with a load the air was cooling way down and we had to put our coats back down.

The woodpile is growing.  We still have a load and a half to go.  It will be nice when it’s done.

Your friend on a Colorado farm,


Gladness Makes the Heart Lighter —Tuesday, March 8, 2016



The storm cleared leaving us with a brilliant chilly morning, heavy with frost on the ground.

Terry has started farming today.  The first field to tackle is the alfalfa field.  It is 5 years old and starting to wear out.  He will plant ten more acres this spring—enough to keep him busy, but not as much as before.


Last night’s sunset!

After much thought he has decided to downsize.  Not in acres farmed, but in What he farms.

He will be cutting back on the corn, but increasing the pinto beans.  Pinto beans are much easier to grow and to harvest.  So once we get to have fresh pinto beans right from the field.  YAY!

It has been a gladness that has made his heart much lighter—this farming decision.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,







Gradually, One Step at a Time—Sunday, March 8, 2015

StartGradually —- one step at a time we are getting the projects down at the other house done. The refrigerator and the stove are now in their new position in the kitchen and the kitchen is rewired to accommodate their move.

The new sheet rock is up ready for Terry to mud in the seams and for me to paint–sometime this week.


The old coal room and the pantry are starting to take shape as one room. Friday and Saturday Terry and I started removing the very well built coal furnace chimney…it is no longer in use and stuck in the middle of the new room to be.

Our oldest daughter helped us on Friday and



Saturday our son and his wife came out and helped take most of the chimney down. Terry and I will get the rest.

Things still left to do, before farming starts:

  • Build an entry under the house so repairs are easier
  • Finish the plumbing on the tub
  • Move the water heater to it’s new spot
  • Wire the new room for electrical plug ends
  • Hang the new walls

The furnace and duct work will occur sometime this summer.


Our goal is to have everything finished by the end of next week.  Please keep your fingers and toes crossed that we make it!  (Magic thoughts and/or prayers would be nice also. 🙂 )

Your friend on a Western Colorado farm,