Our Precious Life — Sunday, March 18, 2018

Terry finished rolling all the plowed fields. (Think of plowed fields the same as double-digging up your garden bed—double digging is deeper than using a rototiller), but then it must be rolled (or raked, if you are in a garden) to smooth out the ground again.

Then after rolling comes leveling (in this case putting a slight grade to the field so the water will run to waste ditch.  Leveling is akin to taking a board and smoothing out your garden or the cement on a sidewalk.

As for me….well, I’ve been cleaning up all the winter trash (corn leaves) blown around all the buildings and into my yard

Spring works also includes…getting my yard and the farm yard ready for spring! 🙂

Ethel and Thomas Davis (recently here for a wee visit) have a marvelous website Called FourWindowPress, where delightful poems and other things are published.

Ethel wrote a wonderful poem about their visit to our farm.  Terry said she captured the truth about why he/we farm—work and joy together!

You have a good day today…spring is in the air.

I saw my first Robin yesterday!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



A Time of Contentment—Monday, March 21, 2016

ABYesterday was the first day of Spring.  The first day that the daylight hours are longer than the night time hours.

ApricotMy beloved Maternal Grandmother…used to say that when spring time starts the world lies in a balance between dark and light.

Rolling-1 (Terry is rolling down the plowed fields today)

SpringCall me strange, but I swear I can feel the earth shifting and stirring beneath my  feet as the air changes.DeerThe change hums in my blood, the blood of the plants and the animals.  Bringing contentment and joy.WaitingI just achieved my 9th year of blogging on Sunday.  9 years of being friends with you.

Thank you everyone!

Happy Spring!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,