The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — Magic Thoughts for Riley, Please

Riley came to see us, so did Darby, they live in Grand Junction with our sister and her husband and step-children.


We really like Riley – well Boomer has trouble sharing Mom, but Mom said “Boomer you need to be nice Riley and Darby, are just here for a little visit.”

Gradually Boomer got used to all of them and went and played with Darby.

I’m writing this to ask for magic thoughts from all of you….we know how your Magic Thoughts work…every dog who has come to visit (and Mom put on the blog) received a forever home and we know…Boomer and I… that it was YOUR Magic thoughts that helped.

Our other dog families come and visit every day, Hank Puff — Houston, Rock, Belau, with Zooker and Bella coming over every so often, but not Riley and Darby.

It was nice seeing Riles again.  We go wayyyyyyyyyyy back.  6 years or so.  Riley LOVES the farm….Darby loves the WATER on the farm.


But what I’m writing for is Riley is sick, bad sick,  I didn’t understand all the huge fancy words but I know they mean sick.  Riley told me his back legs are really sore and he can’t walk very well any more so we just sat around and talked about old times.  Riley is young 8 going on 9 in August.  I’m old 12 going 13 in June.  I’m in very good health, except for arthritis,  I would really like Riley to get well.

Would you help Please!


Sunday, February 3, 2013

It’s cloudy, grey and chilly again here today.

I’ve been sick.


Well, actually I got sick the week before Christmas and seem to not be able to get well.  I have a good day here and there, but nothing that lasts.

I’m taking the day off…resting by the fire.


I hope this finds all of you well.