The Last Lovely Smile—Thursday, September 22, 2016

“Autumn, the year’s last, loveliest smile.”–William Cullen Bryant

corn-drying-downThe farm is exploding with the simple joy of Fall.  The scents are an intoxicating mix of drying corn leaves, dusty weeds; the air so buoyant it feels like a carnival.

fall-flowersFall has it’s own mix of flowers; washing over the land to collide with the changing of the leaves upon the trees


A walk, or ride, or to work on the land is like staring into a world being created by Picasso or Dr. Seuss.

fall-on-the-farm-roadThe nights are cool, with morning bordering on cold

golden-hairThe golden corn sings and sighs in the breezes and protests mighty in heavy winds

storms-coming-inA storm came in on Wednesday the air hazy with the promise of moisture. The clouds brooding and sullen, dropping rain in the canyons. Not a good thing with harvest.

weed-seedsStill the weeds, the grasses, and all the plants and flowers sing out HOPE!  Hope for the coming of Spring.  Hope for the new dawn of awaking, after a long rest in winter.

After all Hope never dies out.

From my world to your heart,



The First Day of March–Sunday, March 1, 2015

sun.jpgWe’ve finally made it to the first day of March.  That, in and of itself, is a true joy for me.

This has been the sun for two weeks or more.  Sometimes the clouds part; showing little patches of blue.  Blue sky, it sparks such hope.

Geese-2We have a pair of Canada Geese living with the cows in the corn field.  I love having them here.  I mentally send them peace and safety…they must have decided to stay for a spell before heading up north.

I have also seen flocks of Western Meadowlarks (YAY, they are Back!) And huge flocks of blackbirds, some smaller flocks of red-winged black birds, but I have not seen any blue birds yet.  Soon I hope.

Number-8My favorite cow is here again this year.  She is dressed to the nines in stylish back and white…see her white tail.  🙂  It always makes me smile when I see her.  She is getting older, so I wonder if she will be back next year.  Only time will tell.

March 1st….what a nice date to see on the calendar…in 31 days we will be at April.  WHOO HOOO!

Your friend,