In a Deadened Shell of Ice and Cold—Sunday, February 10, 2019

We are gradually melting, getting warmer, then suddenly the low grey clouds will arrive once more complete with a nasty chill wind

And winter returns…often times abruptly.

Even so, I can still entertain myself very well at the bird feeders

But yesterday….the signal that the New Year had arrived (I count my year as Spring, Summer, Autumn…with Winter as last…just so you understand ūüôā¬† )

The Red-Winged Blackbirds arrived!

Adding their joyous voices to the melodies of the Sandhill Cranes and the tunes of the Canada Geese!

No matter what…cold/sleet/snow/wind/ once the Red-Winged BlackBirds come they bring with them the song of Spring!

From my world to your heart,


The First Day of March–Sunday, March 1, 2015

sun.jpgWe’ve finally made it to the first day of March. ¬†That, in and of itself, is a true joy for me.

This has been the sun for two weeks or more.  Sometimes the clouds part; showing little patches of blue.  Blue sky, it sparks such hope.

Geese-2We have a pair of Canada Geese living with the cows in the corn field. ¬†I love having them here. ¬†I mentally send them peace and safety…they must have decided to stay for a spell before heading up north.

I have also seen flocks of Western Meadowlarks (YAY, they are Back!) And huge flocks of blackbirds, some smaller flocks of red-winged black birds, but I have not seen any blue birds yet.  Soon I hope.

Number-8My favorite cow is here¬†again this year. ¬†She is dressed to the nines in stylish back and white…see her white tail. ¬†ūüôā ¬†It always makes me smile when I see her. ¬†She is getting older, so I wonder if she will be back next year. ¬†Only time will tell.

March 1st….what a nice date to see on the calendar…in 31 days we will be at April. ¬†WHOO HOOO!

Your friend,


Tuesday, December 11, 2012

COLD!!!  That is the word here!

Really cold!

But I can see snow on Grand Mesa and the San¬†Juan’s¬† ¬†I can’t see the Black Canyon or the Gunnison area because of fog. ¬†Just a slight amount on the top of the Plateau. ¬†It is supposed to warm up by 10* today and then we go into a slightly warmer period for a few days before another storm hits this weekend.

As long as it is snowing in the mountains I’ll live with the cold.


We have a flock of House/English Sparrows which have decided to make our farm home for the winter…Sparrows and Ring-necked Doves. ¬†As these two different flocks of feathered friends have grown ¬†all other birds have¬†abandoned¬†us. ¬†(We still have the Sand-hill Cranes and the Canada Geese, and the black birds, but they are in the fields, these are right with us in the farm house area.)


They are everywhere.  The Ring-necked Doves have the house and yard, the House/English Sparrows have every remaining building and shop area.


The flocks are growing daily.  I am not feeding them.  They could go down to the feed lot 2 miles away, except the Starlings left (YIPPEE) as these two groups started taking over going down to the feed lot.

I would much rather have what we have than Starlings.  I am NOT a Starling fan.


The bushes and the trees are filled with twittering little and big birds…and also the¬†accompanying poop!

Sort of on the rather nasty mess side.

Well, back to my regularly scheduled work!