Summer, That Beautiful Time of the Year —- Tuesday, August 13, 2019 Card Gallery

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I love summer, idyllic warm (even hot) summer days.

I plan all fall, winter, and spring for this time, for summer.

The land is heavy as it nears harvest

The heat massive and somnolent

Butterflies and Hummingbirds sailing along in the warm air

The Bumblebees and Honeybees so heavy with pollen their buzz even sounds labored

Our August nights have now become mild,

a sweet chill on the air before the sun warms the sky—giving the earth a spectral look,  As though the Otherworld is peaking through.

Summer, each and every day dazzles; my heart, my mind, and my eyes.

From my world to your heart,




An Enchanted Place—-Sunday, August 20, 2017

“There is a garden in every childhood, an enchanted place where colors are brighter, the air softer, and the morning more fragrant than ever.”— Elizabeth Lawrence

If I had to pick a favorite season….I think I might struggle a bit…the early spring days lift me up after the thin winter sun, which painted long blue shadows void of warmth and color.  Spring lifts me up like the greening of the trees color the brown drab landscape.

Then summer with all it’s heat, which sits heavy and still, on the land, and swarms of chores—which seem never ending.

After which comes fall with the crisp, clear days and immense bursts of color; bring the world into life, in a way none of the other seasons can.

But if I am forced to pick…I would pick SUMMER!

For beats with a song only the humming of the stars in the heavens, (and in my heart, my mind, and my soul), can understand.

From my heart to your world,


The Jewels of Summer—Sunday, July 23, 2017

The corn is starting to tassel out…

And baby ears of corn starting to form

The pinto beans are shooting feelers (last year’s photo–I lost this years somehow—I’ve been weeding the 16 acres early morning and late evening.  Once the rows grow shut anything nasty growing out there—corn, cockleburs, ragweed, Pigweed, yellow sticker weed, scotch thistle….gets to grow.  Not a good thing, but how it is.

My yard is doing

Great!  The new railroad ties beds are softening up and looking ever so much better

The air smells lush and rich– full of sweetness

Summer — I can’t ask for anything more!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


Our Weather Report—-Tuesday, January 17, 2017


We went from this

wet-004To this and have stayed at this for weeks now. Rain and rain and even more rain.

wet-003Sigh!  The days are long and grey and boring and ever so nasty.

roof-topStill it seems like there is always something that needs to be done.

walk-in-the-farmI’m looking forward to walking with  Boomer  in the SUNSHINE!  Where we throw shadows on the ground and our feet don’t collect mud!

But not yet!  Not today.  Not for awhile.  Another big storm system is heading in here in a day or so, until then just know that I am

Hot-Summer-NightDreaming of those hot summer nights some place in the future!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


With the Scent of a Summer Night, Comes the Dawn—-Thursday, July 14, 2016

Day-endingI am working feverishly to get everything caught up.   For you see, we have company coming.  Terry’s Sister and brother-in-law will be here on Sunday, then Monday we get to have our youngest Granddaughter for THE WEEK!  And I don’t want to be cleaning, weeding, or working hard during that time.

Grain-BinsOur days are hot and over-powering in the overwhelming heat, causing sweat to run down my face as I weed, rake, fertilize, prune, trim and mow. My body slowing turning into the wind, earth and water as I melt.

Bees and wasps buzz heavily, with  gnats and mosquitoes in clouds; creating easy fodder for the swallows nesting all along the edges of our house.


Our yard is dizzy with the scents of grass, sweet white lilies, and water sprinkling on the lawn.


My weeding of the pinto bean fields are done!  I finished the two acre field last night.  From this point on we turn our heads and choose not to see the weeds, which will flourish there anyway, coming from the wind and water.


The sun breaks forth over the line of trees quickly rising to heat the day; riding on the scents of last night.


As I worked I noticed a narrow crack of stunning light showing my everything— is worth it.

From my world to your heart,


From Ann Patchett, Truth and Beauty—Wednesday, September 2, 2015

2“To say it was a beautiful day would not begin to explain it. It was that day when the end of summer intersects perfectly with the start of fall….”—Ann Patchett, Truth and Beauty

5Your friend on a Western Colorado Farm


Summer-Tuesday, June 30, 2015

dThe evening skies are just lovely…the colors warm and dramatic

fSometimes the colors even look hot, although it is cooling down by sunset.

My 4-wheeler is broke, the part comes in today.  It will be nice to have it back…walking in the heat is rather ‘smashing’…you come back home feeling two feet tall.  🙂

Enjoy your days and evening, my friends!

Your friend,




Harvests are Starting in Our Area

It doesn’t seem possible but we are on the last irrigation of the season for the pinto beans.  The pods are full and the beans are starting to harden up, once the pods stripe Terry will put the bean puller on the tractor and pull the plants.  This will allow them to dry.  Then he will combine.

About the middle of September (is our prediction) we will begin the harvest of the pinto beans.

This year I have raised 10 different varieties of dry bush beans (like pinto beans).  Because they are in the yard they are ripening and getting ready for harvest sooner.

I just harvested my Red Mexican bean.

I have several others in the drying stage,

of course my harvest is all done by hand 🙂

The sweet corn harvest is in full swing also.  We wake up every morning (5:00) to the sound of the sweet corn pickers on thier way to work.  The first load of corn heads into the cooler around 6:30. They stop picking about dark.   If you see Olathe Sweet or Mountain Sweet—-sweet corn in your market you will know it came from a farm somewhere close to ours!

Enjoy your summer, it’s starting to some to a close when the harvests begin!


The first correspondent of the first newspaper in Delta

The Middle of Summer

Terry finished cultivating the corn and the pinto beans. 

He likes to use the 730 because the clutch is a hand clutch and not a foot clutch.

There will be one more cultivation of the pinto beans, but the corn is too tall now.  As soon as the bean shoot feelers all tractor work is done until harvest.  The only thing left (on tractor work) is making alfalfa into hay. 

Of course we will continute to irrigate, changing the water every 8 hours.  Water is short, with reports that it could get shorter.

It’s hot.  But we are having some moisture flowing in from Mexico after noon.

We cool down when it comes in which is really nice.

But we heat back up after the storm moves on. 

 That’s summer for you in our part of the high mountain desert!

Here’s how I cultivate! 🙂  This hoe never seems to leave my hand…I have it my yard, in the garden, and helping remove Canada Thistle, Star Thistle, Sticker Weed, Nodding Thistle, and other nasty stuff, which gets between the bean plants.  Once the beans shoot feelers I won’t have to be out there, but until then….

Summer is lots of work, but I would rather have summer than winter.  Terry, now, he would rather have cold, dark, dreary, drab winter.  Oh, oops!  I think those are my words. 

The Fourth of July is tomorrow.   (and then by Tuesday they should have the part to fix my internet receiver! YEA!)

Happy 4th, everyone!


Weather — Whether Here or There

The weather is always such an interesting subject.  I suppose it is because we all live so close to the land that weather is part and parcel of what we do every day.

We are still having rain.  Some days just a down pour or two, some days lots of rain, or just a gentle rain that goes on for days.  Anyway it is more rain than normal…. we are also experiencing signs that an early fall and a hard winter are on the way. (Sigh.  Double Sigh)

Weirdly the milkweed plants are already setting seed pods, weeds that never show up until late August are blooming wildly right now and there are other signs.

I dread winter!!!  I love spring, summer, and fall, but winter drags on me.  Just plain drags and to think of one that comes early and lasts long….oh, I don’t even want to go there.

So here is a photo of the down pour three days ago.  With an afternoon thunderstorm predicated for today.  The sun sure has been nice!  And it IS July so I have several months before I have to worry, now don’t I?