The Adventures of TLC Cai-Cai on Friday—-Farm Life Series Chapter 13, The Third Season, SUMMER Woes, Friday, February 25, 2020

There are lots of Woes, weather-wise, in Summer.

Sometimes we get Hail Storms.


And Heavy Scary Thunder and Lightning Storms.

Scary stuff.


Like OVER-THE-TOP Scary!

In Early Summer we get Dust storms…these are caused by—you got it—WIND.

Wind coming off the Uncompahgre Plateau across and through the canyons, right up onto the Mesa we call home.

California Mesa.

Then all the worked-up ground becomes DUST and blows right into our eyes, ears, and mouths.

Sure, is a Mess.

If it’s late summer heading into Fall—when the air cools way down and the Earth is still warm…then the canals and water ditches and the river makes FOG!

Mom loves Fog…I told you she was a little strange.  Off she goes to go WALKING in the FOG!

Dad and I just let her.

TLC Cai-Cai


Back When We had Snow — Thursday, February 25, 2021

The cold snow was just beautiful, I thought

The shadows brightening

The earth with the weak sunlight

Tangling in the tree branches.

Speaking of tangles tree branches…LOOK a Great Horned Owl.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



Creating More Pasture —- Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Although, it’s still cold here and we still have a fire in the woodstove.  It is getting warm enough now I can go in JUST FLIP FLOPS!!! YAY!

We are opening up another part of the farm

Clearing away all the dead tree stumps and other brush

We are expanding the land for more pasture and grazing (that is Terry on the four-wheeler checking fences in the Back Forty)

Lots of work, but it will be nice for the horses and for the cows’ next winter.

Three days we worked, finishing late in the evening.

(Terry ran the tractor and I the pick-up and trailer) Thank Heavens for chains and loaders or we couldn’t have moved those ancient old tree stumps.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



There’s Not Much You Can Do, but Go On —–Monday, February 25, 2019

(Pete and Francis wedding photo) 

My paternal Grandmother, Francis Dorsey Shipley married Peter Edward Doyle on the 10th of September 1921….she was 19 and he was 31.   Gram said they were very much in love, although, her dad did NOT approve of the marriage. (That is another story for another time.)

But for this story and this time, I wish to write to you about my Dad.

Lester Allen Doyle was born January 1, 1926, in Brea, Californa five years after Gram and Grand married. He was the only child.

(Pete, Francis, Lester)

By the time Daddy was 8-going on 9 the family had moved back to Delta, in the Read area and started farming. (The farm now is growing houses and roads. Sigh.)

(Last photo ever taken of Pete)

Grams said it was an extremely happy time.  Daddy’s memories are much along that same line of thought.

Then when Daddy turned 9, that September his Dad died.

And the world turned upside down.  Gram sold the farm moved to Eckert and found a job.

(Ralph Holder, Francis, Charley, Tuff, Lester in the front of Francis, Jr. in front of Charley) 

When Daddy was almost eleven, Gram married Charles Albin Holder. Charley had lost his wife to a brain tumor and was raising three boys alone.

(Lester, Ralph, Tuff, Jr. in front of Ralph) 

Actually, this was tough times for my Dad, he never felt part of the family…ever. (See how he held his hands behind his back trying to not take up lots of space), although, Gram was more than thrilled with her new life.

(Lester, Ralph, Tuff, Jr. in front of Ralph)


At one point Daddy ran away from home, going to live with his Uncle Ott Doyle. Dad stayed with Ott and his family for a goodly amount of time.  Then one day, Ott took Dad for pickup truck ride and gave him a wee bit of advice about life:

(Lester and Francis) 

“Sometimes, Les” my Dad quoted to me one day,  “There’s not much you can do about what life hands you, but go on.”

After more heart to heart talk, Daddy went home.  Then when he just turned 17 he talked his Mom into letting him go into the Navy –it was WWII.

(Back row: Momma, Charley, Francis, Kay Jr.  Front row: Danny, Me holding Gary Holder and the little boy next to me is Randy Holder.   I wanted to be a nurse so I wore my Nurse uniform everywhere until it wore clear out. 🙂  )

Back home Dad married Momma, had Danny and I and we grew up living very close to both sides of our grandparents and Charley’s youngest son, Jr., and his family.

(Charley’s Mother Mattie, Charley Holder, my Dad, Me, and the baby is our oldest daughter, Shannon) 

Dad continued to always treat the Holder’s like they were his family.

Even after Gram had died, my Dad took care of Charley as if he were his own father, bringing him to stay a week at a time with he and Mom and taking Charley out to eat once in a while.

One day I asked Daddy why he kept on taking care of Charley even though things were always ‘sorta off’ with Charley.

My Dad looked at me very seriously and said: “My Mother would have wanted me too.”

My heart crumpled with that statement.

I look back at Daddy’s life, sometimes, and realize he sat a huge example for me.

I love you, Daddy.

From my heart to your world,



Ablaze with Industry—-Sunday, February 25, 2018

We have been experiencing  wind; lots of wind…picking things up and flinging them here, there, and everywhere…even trapping a weed on the guy wire of the electric pole. 🙂

The winter birds and the spring birds are swarming the feeders…we have gone from late fall weather all winter…to suddenly January weather complete with very cold temperatures. 

With all that in mind, Terry decided we would purchase wood for our fires next winter.

So as the air throbs and breathes cold and frost through the last week of February we will cut, stack and store next year’s fire wood.

Spring work starts in 8 days!

Some farmers have already started!

No matter what happens…spring work begins next week! 🙂

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



Monday, February 25, 2013

ShadowsWe are narrowing down February…the month is close to an end. Which suits me just fine…February is my hardest month to get through, even though I try really hard to liven up the month with bright colors to make up for the forever cold days.


This storm is going to be here today (30% chance of snow) and tomorrow (40% chance of snow) then leaving us with just 10% chance of snow.  Usually that 10% is in the mountains…which is always good.


(The moon has a thin film of clouds over it, I was hoping the clouds would show up, but they just made the moon fuzzy.)


If every thing holds together the week end look like it will be warm and sunny!  YIPPEE!