Gossamer as Cobwebs — Wednesday, April 3, 2019

That lovely beautiful sky

The air so full of colors

Always changing with a hush of sound

Melting into one thing then another

The beauty murmuring to each of our hearts

Yet so often we forget to see the dance

Right there before us, if we just open our eyes!

From my world to your heart,



The Distant Approach of Growing Crops—Monday, April 3, 2017

Daily there is always something to be done…something beyond the everyday of the necessary routine.

We just finished hauling dirt.  We will use this dirt to fill in low spots on the fields, to lay transfer pipe in and cover up the pipe with, we will pack areas which  the wind has whipped bare (like over culverts)

The plowing is about to end until May.  In May there will be the time of getting the pinto bean fields ready—Pinto beans are planted June 1st.

The two large fields are have been leveled and are waiting to be marked out and have the water started…once the water starts we don’t stop irrigation until late September….

Storms have played around us and on us…shivering the land, the plants and us.

The earth–the ground, the canal, the sky, the plants,  feel scattered, then exalted, as the heavens drop moisture greening up everything.

The feel of winter is now gone, blurred knowledge that snow and ice and cold once existed.

The approach of distant summer is there — walking on the edge of spring dreams

Sometimes summer’s approach is so loud you think everyone could hear the shout, but really ….it’s a soft sound

A gentle soft movement …this growth toward the growing season.  People get used to the singing of this season; summer’s arrival surprises—always.  Cool and greening one day..heat and growing the next.

From my world to your heart,



In Between Farming—-Sunday, April 3, 2016

I have been in need of a new fence for a long time.  The old corral fence had fallen in and was in horrible disarray.


So in-between other things, Terry and I started work on repairing and improving the old corral fence, which separates one of my gardens from the work shop and the old corrals.

Fence-1The tumbled down jumble of old boards and rotted off posts gradually became new posts and better boards.

FenceComplete with cleaning up all the junk from the junk pile—One pick load to the dump!

Other-sideI don’t know what it is about us, but we keep stuff thinking we might use it someday.  We do use it, but not to the level of the ‘keeping it’.

New-FenceThen we were done! YAY!  I was so happy and pleased with the result. It still has that rustic charm, of which our farm is made of, but is now strong and sturdy.  It should last the rest of Terry’s and my life!