Earth, Sky, Snow, Sleet— Thursday, January 28, 2021

As the snow fell heavily on the farm

The Sandhill Cranes bunched together –trying to warm their soddened feathers.

I felt a tad sorry for them.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



Earth, Air, and Water—-Wednesday, May 11, 2016


The wind shredded the clouds late last evening, leaving the setting sun to send streaks of color through the spaces in the racing cirrus.

Evening-sky-6The farm and the farm yard were quiet, but in a way of gratitude; from life giving water, and for the burst of sunshine coming from the descending sun.

Evening-Sky-7Walking outside I breathed deeply…taking in big draughts of fresh, wet air.  The sun, the leaving storm, the sweet smell of green plants, the thick odor of fresh turned earth; all interlaced with the smell of the storm; a subtle hint of lingering ozone.

Evening-Sky-4Here I stood in all the elements of power, and goodness, and beauty.

Evening-Sky-5Twilight was rising from farm to the plateau, then onto the canyons in the west. Night started swallowing the ground, but still Boomer and I stayed; walking along the muddy farm roads watching the earth join the brilliance of the evening sky!

From my world to your heart,


Time, Passing, Moving Forward, Always—Sunday, December 13, 2015

Sky-2All of my life, even as a small child, I have felt there is something I am meant to do. Something.  Not big, not amazingly over-the-top, but something.

To be honest, everything I tried didn’t seem to be whatever the ‘it‘ is.  Although, I have enjoyed many, many things.

Here I am, almost 67 years old in one month, and I STILL don’t know what “it” is.

BigBut I must admit that ‘it’ nags at me, causes a sorta ‘need to know.’

Terry and his family are all super talented, it seems there isn’t anything they can’t do or create or achieve.  My brother and my family, also seem the same way, except for me…for some reason I can’t figure out what draws at my heart–what I am supposed to be doing —- while alive on the face of this earth.

Something that is niggling at the back of my mind saying: ‘time is starting to run out’.  It will not belong to each of us forever.  So I have decided if I haven’t figured out this—whatever it is—I’m probably not going too this late in the game.


Instead I’ll just enjoy each day that is given to me.  My greatest and strongest wish I have is to experience joy in every fiber of my being, my mind, and my soul for whatever time I have left to me.  And to do that…all I have to do is enjoy each and every moment of every day I have left on earth.

A great big sundog appeared in morning sky today.  A major cold front is coming toward us.  The weather people say it will be here Wednesday…yep, right on time. Sundog portends a cool down in three days.

Sometimes I look at the sky and wonder…most people only see the emptiness of the sky, for the those things that live upon the earth clang and jar with sound and the trials and troubles of everyday living, plus people thrum with their own energy; their own lives.

But if you will stop and listen you can sense the procession of time on the earth and in the sky–something is going on in that great silence beyond our own knowing.

With much love, your friend,



Storms —Thursday, July 9, 2015

clouds-rAll day the clouds shifted here and there.  Sometimes dropping rain, moving on, gathering again, lashing out


thunder, lighting, wind… the violence of each passing storm was exhilarating!

Soqn-pourThe earth, our crops, even myself sighed with relief. hLater in the night, well, actually early, early in the morning, the skies cleared and the stars came out.

We woke to a beautiful morning.  Fresh, clean, clear…a feeling of lightness in air!

Your rejuvenated friend on a Western Colorado Farm,