Last Car Club Meeting of the Year—-Monday, October 22, 2018

Sunday was the last Car Club meeting for the year

Terry and I were late joiners to this delightful fun group of people.

Everyone is so positive; all the talk is about cars or trucks or motors or shows.

Everyone is happy for YOU.  It doesn’t matter what kind of car you have, just that you like old cars and want to drive them and be with like-minded people.

The last meeting even had a wee poker run, of which we drew a very poor hand, but had a great time doing it.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


Fixing Fence—Sunday, October 9, 2016

fixing-fence-001It’s that time of year.

That time of the year, when hunters feel like your land is their land.  Who cares if there is a fence of two in the way.  Just clip the strands and head on into the wilderness called ‘somebody else’s farm’.  Grrr.

Terry and I fixed fence Saturday and reposted the NO Trespassing Signs.

Will it work?  Who knows.  My Dad always said:  “Locks and gates only keep out the honest person”.


Sure makes me shake my head in puzzlement, at the audacity, of some people.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,




A Dr. Seuss World—-Sunday, October, 25, 2015

GoldOctober is such a Dr. Seuss world.

World-of-Gold-2Even if the skies are dark and gray the plants and trees are brilliant with oranges and yellows and gold..

World-of-Gold-1I LOVE, just love having the world so full of color.

PI love color! It fills ever little crevice full of light.

And as Dr. Seuss says:

“Why fit in when you were born to stand out?”

Your friend






It Is Not Always Work—Monday, October, 12, 2015


Moving-PipeWe’ve moved all the pipe!

Last-of-the-pipeEach four-wheeler hauling it’s share…back and forth, back and forth.  Suddenly we were done!

FoothillsAs the day started winding down, Terry asked me if I wanted to go for a little ride.




Flying low to the ground


Hair in the wind….we unwound from the day.

Your friend,



Coming Together—Tuesday, October, 21, 2014

decorations-1.jpgYesterday was a good day.  I made huge strides on getting some of the very long list done.  There is a certain satisfaction of looking at a list and either crossing off something or putting a check mark by it.


Today was “take Boomer in to the vet” for another ear check-up.  So far so good.  One ear is well, and the other one looks like it’s just about there.  Happy Dance for both Boomer and I!!!

Storm-arrivingA storm blew in last night —we had a sprinkle of rain, but nothing here (so far).

We got the irrigation pump and the sprinkler system winterized…I got some more things done down at the other house…and I got most of this house clean.

The joy of seeing a list shrink is a true joy!

Your friend,


Rabbit’s Foot Grass (Polypogon Monspeliensis)–Invasive Species–Tuesday, October, 7, 2014

Although Tuesday is usually the day I post all the wonderful photo gifts from you, my friends, today I shall continue yesterday’s post with the answer to my mystery weed.

Up-closeUnable to to find a ‘for certain and sure answer’ I decided to chop out part of the plant and take it over to our neighbor who is an expert weed master.  Paul and his son have a very successful spraying business.

Grabbing my trusty shovel, hopping onto the four-wheeler I drove down to the Priority Ditch and chopped out a large section of the plant—roots and all.  Then I drove on over to our neighbor and politely asked for help in identifying this unusual grass.

“Goodness!” he exclaimed.  “I didn’t know we had that invasive weed here.  We’ve had information on this plant for a couple of years now, but haven’t seen it so far!”


Turns out this is a nasty invasive weed, sometimes planted as an ornamental in people’s yards. It’s hardy to Zone 3.

Needless to say that plant has been chopped out and dumped into the burn barrel!!!

Thank you everyone for your help!  Because of the alarm bells that rang out loud and clear from you everyone in our neighborhood will be on the lookout for this exotic plant.  Shovels and buckets and burn barrels will be Rabbitfoot Grasses new friend.

Tomorrow I will showcase my photo gifts,but for today I bring you this weed update.  🙂

Your friend on a Western Colorado farm