My Whole Heart is Brimming with Joy —- Wednesday, June 5, 2019

The sunshine has been wonderful lately

The days warm, but cooling down nicely in the night

Which is lovely, because the amazing spring flowers are still blooming heavily

Brightly offering sweet scents to the air

And color for the eye

So far this spring has been kind to us

A few days of over the top weather, but nothing to be overly concerned

Having shrunk my yard and therefore my workload

Taking care of the three rather large areas have become nice

Gentle on my back and the reduction in the amount of watering and weeding

So now everything is a pleasure, not a ‘job’

From early morn

Through late evening

I feel ever so grateful.

From my world to your heart.


A Secret World of Ancient and Mystic Things—-Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Spring and Summer are such magical times.  They are neither dark and dreary, or so brilliantly colored you forget to see the magic happening right in front of your eyes.

Spring and Summer are somehow a time set aside, a time when spirits roam from daylight until dark, and the old gods walk upon the land in that time of Twilight.

Where all those tiny little creatures perform that mystic ritual of building nests

Of this and that

In secret tiny spaces….waiting and sitting and waiting until the whole world is greeted with the joy of bright little babies.

From my world to your heart,


Good Fences and Gates — Thursday, June 5, 2014

Theresa over at the Run*A*Round hosts a Good Fences Thursday.  Hop over there and see what she has posted and then check out what other cool fences and gates are around the world.

Here is my contribution for this week….

CementIt looks like just and ordinary chain link fence, but if you look closely the posts are made of cement.  I liked the appeal  and the idea the posts were homemade.

You are all welcome to join in…just hop over to Run*A*Round Ranch and link your fence or gate post each Thursday.

Your Friend,



Wednesday June 5, 2013

For some reason my internet has been down until right now.

Oh, well…

FinishedTerry has the first cutting of hay done…

Alfalfa-to-hayThis is the ‘getting old’ field.  The rows are not very thick.  As I’ve said before this field will be planted to something else (if there is water) next year.

We wait now for the alfalfa to dry down…usually about a week if the weather holds sunny and hot.  Sometimes faster if we have wind to go with it.

But if we have rain (fingers crossed this doesn’t happen) we stand a very good chance of the rain ruining the crop.  So no rain for AT LEAST TWO MORE WEEKS!

The alfalfa need to morph into hay, then it needs to be baled into bales and hauled into the hay yard to be sold.


This shot of the hummers is a little better…I only cut off two of the little flying jewels, but I did get one looking good.


Last night the jet streams were a delightful pink

Pink-Jet-streamsI always wonder where they are going—home … away…somewhere for fun…just out  of here..going, going and then gone…just the tails left.

Off to work in the yard!