My Tiny Feathered Friends—Wednesday, May 13, 2015

HummingOne thing I am not is a very good photographer of Hummingbirds!

Although, this can sorta give you an idea of the cute little things as they hum and buzz around the feeders.  I don’t have all my feeders out right now, only six, but I think I have arrived at a place whereby I can add a couple more.

It sure is a joyful sound having those little birds buzz over your head as you are weeding.  Makes me laugh out loud, and even duck a few times.

My “Some Day I’ll” list has right at the top of it:

1. Take a good photo of a hummingbird.

Maybe this year I’ll make that wish come true.

I hope your day is full of joy and happiness!

Your friend,




Four Pair on July 25, 2013

I have four pair of Bullock Orioles, although only three females are sitting here.  I liked the photo because each one was on a different feeder!

Three-yellow-birdsA summer storm has blown in last evening.  Although, it cooled things down (which is really nice) it also has brought with it the potential for rain.  

We really would NOT like to have rain right now…after the hay is up and stacked — rain would be nice.  Keep your fingers crossed that we make it.  We have people either calling or driving down the lane to ask if we are ready to sell.  

Not yet.  But soon if the weather holds off.

Terry is working on the 630 John Deere to get it ready for the pinto bean harvest.  Boy, that seems to be coming fast.  He thinks by the last week in August we will be able to start harvesting the pintos.  Whew!  Time is flying.

Well, off to get many, many things done as I have let stuff slide since the 6th of July.  Things are starting to even out now so I hope to get past ‘maintain’ into fix.