The Land Calls—Monday, February 29, 2016

Oh! Jolly!  This the LAST DAY OF FEBRUARY!  YIPPEE!!

Combine-ready-to-goTerry and I have been working on the corn combine…little repairs here and there.  Yes, I help, invariably we come into the house with cuts and bruises, but it’s getting finished.  Ready for next years harvest.  As I write this he is putting in the last couple of bolts.


Saturday afternoon he started on repairing the heater in the grain truck. It’s very cold sitting down at the elevator withOUT a heater.

farming-starts.jpgWell, I think you have now guessed the answer to the million dollar question—Terry is going to farm.

“Are you sure?” I asked.  Worry in my voice and concern on my face.

“I’m sure. There are still things I want to do on the place, stuff I want to improve on, things that need my attention.” he replied with a huge smile.


“Only stuff I will do, not someone else.”

Planting-alfalfaI need to tear up the old alfalfa field and reseed a new field, take the dirt ditch and turn it into a cement ditch….fix fences so Hank’s cows can come again—if it’s rented out Hank has to take his cows someplace else.


“I really can’t see myself sitting around.”

“But you won’t sit around, you have tons of projects you want to work on, not related to farming.”


” I know.  I truly think I have dirt for blood.”

Sunset and combine 1So there you have it!  We begin again.  At least for one more year.  As long the body and mind can keep going.  We will keep farming on this farm created many years ago by Terry’s grandfather (purchased by us), until time demands stopping.

Changing-Water-at-Sunset-2Your friend  on a western Colorado farm,




Pinto Bean Harvest for 2015—Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Harvest-2015Our pinto bean harvest has begun in earnest now. (Fingers crossed we don’t have rain…rain would NOT be a good thing right now!)

Grain-Truck-1We took the truck over and then Terry came with the combine. It was an all day thing, with more all day sort of things until at least Friday or Saturday of this week. (We are small farmers)
First-the-DeliveryWe sell our bean to the Beanery.


If you see sack of Red Donkey pinto beans you will know [possibly] there are pinto beans from our farm in them.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



Sunday Morning

It cold, calm and clear here.  We woke up to 8 degrees, but it is warming up.  I think it was 20 when I came up here to post.

I’m not surprised at the cold…I saw a Sun Dog Saturday morning. 

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Most of the corn is about harvested.  The fields that are left are having that high moisture trouble we had last year.  Its a type of corn, of which we are not ever going to plant again…I can assure you.

I’ve been critter sitting….the kids have been gone for several days so the little cage animals have been living with us, Hank/Puff has been living with Shannon, and I go down and take care of the cats and the goats. 

Terry is working on the grain truck…he got the tailgate fixed from when the bolt came out. 

We are being over-run with mice so we have a huge trap line going in the barns.  Ugh.  Our two cats and the dogs work at it, but there are just too many.

Anyway, have a nice Sunday!