From the Land Down Under — Thursday, July 14, 2022


Hi there!  HAPPY BOWDAY!

I have another one for you, a very shallow rainbow I spotted this morning while Mouse and I were taking a rather wet walk.
YAY! A perfect gift from the Land from Down Under!!!
Thank you, Kate!
From my world to your heart,

Enjoy the Moment — Wednesday, July 14, 2021

The smoke is thick here from all the fires in the west.  Sometimes so thick the street lights think it is time to come on.

Meanwhile —-

Those darling little Barn Swallow babies…

Are getting close to leaving the nest! 🙂

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


Summer’s Work—Second Cutting of the First Field of Alfalfa —- Tuesday, July 14, 2020

In the heat of the High Summer day,

The second cutting of the alfalfa

Has turned into bales of hay

Which is (even as you read this)

Is being hauled into the hay yard!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


It’s Summertime—Sunday, July 14, 2019

It’s summertime…my most favorite time of the year

Long days full of work, but also free hours to do as one wants

Although, the days are full of heat (we are having upwards of 99* to 104* of heat ( 37. c to 40c)

I find the heat a joy.

Although, Terry would much prefer the deep dark days of winter

Not me!!! I want to experience each day of summer following the silk threads

Of sunshine showing gold upon the land

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



With the Scent of a Summer Night, Comes the Dawn—-Thursday, July 14, 2016

Day-endingI am working feverishly to get everything caught up.   For you see, we have company coming.  Terry’s Sister and brother-in-law will be here on Sunday, then Monday we get to have our youngest Granddaughter for THE WEEK!  And I don’t want to be cleaning, weeding, or working hard during that time.

Grain-BinsOur days are hot and over-powering in the overwhelming heat, causing sweat to run down my face as I weed, rake, fertilize, prune, trim and mow. My body slowing turning into the wind, earth and water as I melt.

Bees and wasps buzz heavily, with  gnats and mosquitoes in clouds; creating easy fodder for the swallows nesting all along the edges of our house.


Our yard is dizzy with the scents of grass, sweet white lilies, and water sprinkling on the lawn.


My weeding of the pinto bean fields are done!  I finished the two acre field last night.  From this point on we turn our heads and choose not to see the weeds, which will flourish there anyway, coming from the wind and water.


The sun breaks forth over the line of trees quickly rising to heat the day; riding on the scents of last night.


As I worked I noticed a narrow crack of stunning light showing my everything— is worth it.

From my world to your heart,


The Internet and a Tiny Cool Down —-Monday, July 14, 2014

I had the internet for exactly ONE HOUR yesterday!  Grrrr!  At least I was able to post and let everyone know why I wasn’t visiting your blog or answering comments.  This has been SO irritating.  Of course, I kept checking off and on all day long until I got sick of doing so and just shut everything off.  😦


The towers are still not working correctly.  The Skybeam individual told me there are 17 people on the same wave length (beam?) and every one is having the same issues as I am.  He sounded rather ragged.

Right now I have service…at least I can (maybe) get my blog up and (maybe) get around to visit many of you.  If not, please understand.  I will be BACK!!!  Just like MacArthur….snerk and chuckle.


We saw a sun dog yesterday…sun dogs occur anytime of the year, any place in the world, at any time.  They announce that cool down (or much cooler weather) is about to occur.


I can just guess what and when it will happen….today or tomorrow because Terry is out cutting the alfalfa!  We do NOT need a cool down for several days…a cool down in July (here in the high mountain desert) usually means rain is about to descend.   Although I love a nice rain to cool down hot summer days…we just don’t need rained on alfalfa which is turning into hay!  Please keep your fingers crossed that we don’t get rain on our soon to be hay!! PLEASE!!!   Thank you!


I got the five acres of pinto beans weeded.  I won’t be able to go out there anymore since the pinto beans are now shooting feelers.  The feelers will reach and stretch until they meet each other causing the rows to grow shut.  All weeding stops from that point on. There will be weeds, but at least I got it cleaned for this amount of time.

Once the rows grow shut the blooms will turn into little pods and the pods filled with beans.  Gradually the beans will swell until they mature.  Once they mature the water will be removed and the plant will dry up.  After that we harvest.  Probably sometime in late September.


I suppose I had better close this up rather quickly.  I’m feeling lucky to get this much done before we lose connection!

Your friend on a farm,