Mindy and Boomer Have an Adventure Chapter Nine Friday, February 7, 2020

Chapter Nine

“BOOMER!!!” Mindy yelled.  “BOOMER Come SEE!”

I trotted over, put my nose to the ground and smelled.


“Yes!  A Very big cat! Are we safe, Boomer?”

“Well,” I pondered, “I think so.  We’ve had them walk down the farm road and the irrigation pipes before and nothing ever came of it.  Although, I did hear Mom and Dad talking about our neighbor, just over the way from the Back Forty, losing several sheep to a Mountain Lion.”

“SHEEP!”  Mindy jumped sky-high landing on her four feet over on the other side of the paw print. “These big cats eat SHEEP!?!?!”

“And other things.” I mused.  I remember Etta, my  sweet lovely Etta telling me they were out on a hike once and came across a BIG CAT in a tree. She said those big cats don’t waste their time eating mice and birds, they need BIG things to fill their tummies so they eat horses, cows, calves, sheep, goats…you know BIG things.”

“Oh!  Boomer!  Does the smell say the cat is gone?  I really don’t want to be food.”

Sniff, sniff, snuff, snuff…” yes gone. Gone one down the road.  I think we are safe.”

“BUT Mindy…the sun has set and now it’s dark.

Dark is NEVER a good thing out on the farm


“OH! BOOMER! WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO!!!” Mindy wailed.

It was just at the very moment when:

“Danger!” Mindy screamed.  “Danger!”



I’ve Been Thinking — Thursday, February 6, 2020

We have been going to our oldest grandson and our oldest granddaughter’s basketball games

As I sat there Tuesday afternoon and way into the evening

I marveled at how amazing these young people are (not just my grandchildren, but all the kids out on the court—all of them)

It’s a very special time, for each young man and young woman.  They are being gifted with teachers, coaches, plus parents and grandparents who believe in them.

Not only believe in them but are willing to help the young adult stretch and experience and sometimes to pick them up so they can start all over again.

The message to each young mind is: “You can Become.  You can mold yourself into whatever you want to be and you can do whatever you want to do”.

Here are the tools. Even horrible situations of misery — have adults close by who care about the student.

Once we leave the nest, those days are over.  Sure there will be special people who come along for a spell…echoing the voice and lessons from that growing time of the past.

There will be experiences which lift us up interweaving spells of joy and tears

Never again will we ever get to experience that special time of support we get before we become full-fledged adults.

Once we are adults we figure out…adulting is hard.  Even though, we strain and strive for it all through our high school years.

From my world to your heart,



They Have Moved On—Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Well, it’s with fond hearts

And sad good-byes

We all watched the cows

being rounded up yesterday morning around 10:00

Heading to their home place.

The cranes were upset for a spell but came back.  Which is a good thing.

Still, the fields feel empty without the cows.

Moving toward spring work now.  Although, today we have snow and rain and not very nice conditions.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


Joy Fixed in Time and Space—-Tuesday, February 6, 2018

The look of satisfaction on this wee bird is priceless.  A full tummy, a huge food bar, safety….who could ask for more?


From my world to your heart,


A Surprise—-Monday, February 6, 2017

I opened my email to find this surprising email from Jake Hill—
Hello Linda,
First of all, we’re huge fans of Life on a Colorado Farm, which has been chosen by LawnStarter’s editorial team to receive our
2016 Golden Tractor Award! Congratulations!
The Golden Tractor Award celebrates the Top Farming & Agriculture Blogs on the internet. We spent countless hours scouring the web in search of the blogs that deserve recognition.
We judged your blog based on criteria such as:
  • How well-written and informative the 2016 content was
  • How engaging it was (social shares, comments, aesthetics)
  • Popularity (pageviews, “popular posts” lists, etc.)
We hope that you enjoy our list of winners and encourage you to show off your Golden Tractor Award on your website (along with other awards that we’re sure your blog has received).
Jake Hill
What a hugely flattering and pleasant surprise!
Your friend on a western Colorado farm,