God Brought Us the Gift of COLD —- Sunday, November 13, 2022

A gift of a frozen world

With crunchy grass to walk upon

Even crunchy air

Call frozen fog

So very, very pretty

And then it warmed up enough to melt. 🙂

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



A Mindy Adventure Story—Life Goes On—Chapter Two, Friday, November 13, 2020

Chapter Two

“Stewart!  STEWART!!!”  Stanley yelled as he scampered all over the large logs.



“WHAT?!?  Geez, what could be so important to take me away from a yummy pile of peanuts?”

Stewart looked up to see Stanley barreling toward him.


“Stewart, O! Stewart, something so sad and terrible has happened, I’m finding it hard to know what to do.” Stanley wailed.

“WHAT is IT, Stanley!  I can’t help you if you don’t calm down enough to tell me what is going on.”


“Oh, Stewart!  Boomer has left all of us and gone over the Rainbow Bridge.  He is GONE! Never to take us for rides around the farm again.  O!, Stewart, I am so sad.  He was a good friend to us.”  With that Stanley let two great big tears roll down his little squirrel cheeks.

Stewart was just in mid-chew, of a delicious peanut Mom had put out as a fun snack for him and Stanley.

“NO! NO! I didn’t even know Boomer was sick!  He didn’t tell us.  He didn’t let us know!” Stewart responded in shock.

“Mindy Cat told me just a few minutes ago.  Boomer is gone, traveling around with Fuzzy now doing all sorts of stuff without us. OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHH BOOMER!” Stanley wailed.


The two little squirrel brothers sat there; heads hung low; hearts heavy.

“Well, what do we do now,” Stanley asked after a very long moment of silence.

“I think we had better go find Chip and let him know.  Chip enjoyed Boomer.  And Mrs. Bunny.”

“Oh, YES!  Mrs. Bunny.”

“Okay, let’s move on down the equipment line and see if we can find Chip or Mrs. Bunny.” Stewart headed toward the end of the log gathering himself to jump onto the hay hauling trailer.

“MINDY!” Stewart stopped.  “Hey, Mindy, have you seen Chip or Mrs. Bunny?”  Stewart inquired.

“Chip?  Mrs. Bunny?” I stopped my pursuit on the trailer;  following the scent of several mice, you see, yummm—

a Momma mouse and her bazillion little ones.


“Actually, No.  I haven’t really been looking for them.” I replied. “Maybe you can go check on the grain head or down by the roller, or under one of the combines.  I’ve seen each of them there at different times of the day. Or you might go over to the stacked wood by the chicken house, sometimes they are over there.”  I gave them all a small wave and headed on about my business.

“Okay,” Stewart and Stanley replied in unison…off we go—first let’s do the equipment area, there is always yummy corn kernels by the combines and other types of goodies.”

“CHIP!  CHIPPPP!”  We yelled as loud as our squirrel voice could yell—“CHIP WHERE ARE YOU!”

“Boys! Why are you screaming so loud?”  Mrs. Bunny came hopping from the, now harvested cornfield.  If you don’t keep your voices down you could call in the


or that Hawk pair who have decided they live on our farm.” Mrs. Bunny admonished Stewart and Stanley.

“We are looking for Chip”, Stewart explained to Mrs. Bunny.

“And YOU!”  Stanley chattered in.

Suddenly a brown ball of fur zipped right into our midst, running right into Stanley and bowling him over.

“I AM HERE! IAMHERE!”  Chip chattered.  “I’m HERE!”

‘Oh, good,” Stewart replied, helping Stanley up and dusting Stanley off. “We have some very sad news to tell you.”

“SAD!” Mrs. Bunny and Chip exclaimed at the very same time.

“Yes”, Stanley replied. “Mindy cat just told us that Boomer, our Buddy, has left the farm to live over-the Rainbow-Bridge.  Boomer is no longer here to protect and take care of us.”  Stanley burst out in tears, all over again.

There was stunned silence from Chip and Mrs. Bunny.

“Oh, Boomer,” Mrs. Bunny sadly said.  “Oh, Boomer.  Thank you for being our friend. Run free.” Mrs. Bunny pronounced to the Sky. “Run free.”


“Well, no, none of us did”, chattered Stewart.  But Mindy told him good-bye and said she would let all his friends know.”

“Mindy.  Oh. Good.’  Mrs. Bunny calmy uttered.

“Then we don’t have to let Freddy, his Mom (shudder)

or those very large and noisy raccoons know.

Mindy can do it.”

“Hummm, Chip squeaked… “I wonder where Mindy is now, and what she is doing.”

“I would imagine she is looking for Boomer’s friends to let them know…she has a big job now.  Telling the farm our most wonderful dog friend is over the rainbow bridge.”  Mrs. Rabbit turned and bounced back into the cornfield.

Chip looked at us, gave a little hand-wave, and said: “Let’s go eat peanuts.”

So, we all ran back to the logs and the nice treats Mom had put there for us.

After my mouse snack, I decided it was time to move on.




On a Late Autumn Afternoon—-Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Under a darkening sky

The geese steadily winging their way to the Upper End and the harvested pinto bean field

Beaglie and I headed over to feed the creatures

Waiting patiently for their yummy snacks

At the equipment storage area. 🙂

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


In the Steady Hiss of a Cold Wind—Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Terry took a corn sample down to the Elevator this morning to have moisture checked

It came in at 13%

So we began {again}.

Although the sky was an amazing blue, the air was extremely frigid…a sharp, very sharp wind was blowing, but in the combine…it was toasty warm.

But I’m here to tell you, driving the tractor was a tad cold. Two coats and a hoodie and I forgot my gloves…go figure!


Your friend on a western Colorado Farm,


Waiting for November’s Full Moon—Sunday, November 13, 2016


All month long I wait for that month’s full moon.  I even have an app that tells me the exact hour and time of what the moon is doing.

I so love being in the silver light of the moon.


This time of year the air is thinning down,  and the sun heading to a different corner of the western sky…making the colors more on the shade of ‘pearl’ than vibrant.

As the sun rushes, to the end of the day the light causes the shadows to melt into the gathering darkness.  And I delight in the starkness of the sun rays catching on objects on the earth.

mowing-the-lawnI still have yard work to do.  Although I leave the flower seeds (and some cases the weeds I call flowers) to feed the birds through the winter.

Mornings are always full of frost…which [sometimes] causes, those who name moons, to call the November moon the Frosty Moon.

almost-a-full-moonJust hours now and the moon will be full.  I’m going to TRY to capture a great moon shot tonight.  Wish me luck.  (Even if I don’t get the image on my camera, it will be okay…I can still enjoy it’s stunning light!

From my world to your heart,



We Have Begun–Thursday, November 13, 2014

2014-Corn-Harvest-1The weather turned extremely cold—no rain or snow.

“Humm, I wonder if the moisture has dropped in the corn?  I think I’ll run some down and have it checked” Terry said, heading out the door to the closest corn field.

“Okay, I’ll be down at the other house; I’m just about done down there.” I answered him.

Corn-3“13.1% and there is a HUGE line down there, over 20 trucks waiting to unload.”  Terry announced as soon as he got back.  “The guy at the Elevator told me the number then laughed –‘No more sitting around watching T.V. for you!”

After he got the truck loaded, he backed it into the carport and we covered the bed with the blue tarp —-  freezing our fingers off as we tied the flaps down so the corn would be safe inside, if the freezing wind decided to give us rain/snow/sleet to our area.

So far the bad weather is just around us…the mountains look like they are getting dumped on.  Terry left this morning at 5:00 to get in line.  The Elevator opens as 6, first come first serve…it’s 8:31 a.m. right now and he is still down there.  Makes me wonder what he number was when he lined up.  His parting words were—“See you at Noon!”  Boy, I hope not.

The minute he gets back the combine will begin, (if the weather holds) the truck will fill up, and depending on the time, it will either head back down to the Elevator (doors close at 4:00, you MUST BE IN LINE at 4:00 to get in on that day…otherwise you are first in line for the next day.)  If the truck is full after 4 we will back the truck into the carport and cover up the load.  The next day will be a repeat of today.  This will go on and on and on— every day until we have every last load down to the Elevator.  (No working on Sunday–the Elevator is closed and we take it off also)  BUT COME MONDAY……………………….!

Corn-2 It all begins again!

Corn-4Your friend on a Western Colorado Farm,