Within the Restless Clouds—Sunday, July 18, 2021

Sometimes the unique occurs…Marianne from Northview Diary sent me this:

Hi Linda,
Actually every time I see a rainbow or a sundog I think of you. This little cutie was contained within a cloud, something I had never seen before.
Take care,

A gift from the sky!
a Rainbow cloud to cloud is very new to me and a huge delight to see.
Thank you ever so much, Marianne!
Just perfect to share this gift from New York with each one of you.
From my world to your heart,

The Wisp of a Tiny Story —- Thursday, July 18, 2019

Somewhere up there in that vast wonderous sky

Must live Angels

Or possibly demons—(Maybe the demons live on earth, or under the earth somewhere)

Maybe it isn’t Angels, for they are very busy running prayers to the proper Diety to answer them.

And we all know there are masses and masses of prayers heading to Heaven every moment of every day and night.

Maybe it is, hmmm

A wonderous being who is in charge of Clouds

Yes, that is it!

A couple, Man and Woman, who look after the silver-edged clouds

Tugging them here and there

Creating shadows on the earth

Which race across the land

Or leave the sky blank so the clouds are only memories

But when the couple, who are in charge of clouds, decide

To fill the sky with that fragile mist

And the Sun God allows the rays of his beautiful sun to be captured in the clouds

The world is bathed in colors so wild and marvelous it is a wonder to behold.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


Fish’n—Wednesday, July 18, 2018

What a peaceful day we had.

Not a care in the world,

Visits with good friends

Perfect weather

And a fish fry in the evening.

Then home again, home again in time to set the water for the last time that day.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



The Heart of the Night—-Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Last night was beautiful after a day full of heat and humidity

We sat water late.  Very late, as the sun sank orange and blue in the west.

It was way past last light when we got back into the yard

Later, in the darkest hour when the shadow travelers tread the earth —  Boomer and I went for a wee walk-about…Mindy didn’t know we were walking, she was on the hunt

We came upon a beautiful little kit fox hunting by itself, an owl hooting in the willow tree.

The night world trembling with small noises, which seem loud.

The wind picked up a couple of last years old corn leaves; flung them into the air…  a tiny devil twister making the night air swirl…

A wee night walk… shadowed grass, starlit skies, night creatures, plus Boomer and I.

From my heart to your world,





My Love Gave to Me—-Monday, July 18, 2016

Fossils-1When working up the ground this year, Terry found this amazing rock in the two-acre field

Fossils-2He sat it aside and promptly forgot about it until yesterday.   When we were up there checking on the water he remembered it.  Leading me over to the fence line where he had carefully placed it (so he wouldn’t forget) he asked me to look in the particular spot where it was resting…hiding.

A Collection of Fossils!

How blessed I am.


July 18, 2013 Sweet Corn Theft

A little of this and a little of that —  our corn is starting to tassel and to make baby ears.  Our corn is NOT sweet corn.  We have corn that is used for corn meal and to make into feed for animals.


Not sweet corn.

BUT the sweet corn harvest has started in our area….you should be seeing western Colorado sweet corn arriving in your grocery any day now.  This area’s sweet corn is raised for two companies, Tuxedo/Olathe Sweet and the other company, Mountain Fresh.


The sweet corn farmers around here are having trouble with people stealing the sweet corn — this whole story is really sad.

What happens is in the dead of night the thieves drive into the sweet corn field, drive to the middle of the field then take the pick-up and start driving through the middle of the corn…they strip the rows they knock down with the truck (someone must be in front of the truck picking — then the truck drives forward and knocks the rows down) while there must be people on either side of the truck because they strip the two rows on either side of the truck…they go through the whole field this way, evidence shows that they have a small fleet of trucks so as one if full the other one gets full until they get to the end of the field.

Then they drive off to who knows where, once they leave the field there isn’t a way to prove that that sweet corn in the back of their truck is stolen.  The perfect crime.

This doesn’t seem like much, since the cost to you is in pennies or nickles or dimes or, possibly, quarters.  But that is money to the farmer, for every ear of sweet corn a farmer sells he makes anywhere from $.02 -(at the most) $.05 an ear. Truck loads of luscious sweet corn leaving is either the break even point for the farmer or the profit, most times it’s the break even point.


Gradually, as the sweet corn harvest went on last year the farmer’s grew desperate and hired night guards to protect their fields and their crops.


This also happened with the onion crops last year.

So this year farmers are starting out with night watchmen to protect their hard earned investment.  This whole thing is sad.

There is a fire in Utah somewhere.  Sometimes we see the smoke.



I’m off to get some of my yard work done now that the pinto bean field is cleaned of corn.

Have a good one!