The Moon, a Thing of Staggering Beauty—Monday, August 3, 2020

Boomer doesn’t always like to go with me anymore

Long walks are now out of the question

Most of the time he will go with me on the four-wheeler, but not always

He always goes with he has company.  He tries very hard to be part of their play

But last evening he wanted to go for a wee walkabout

So we did

Not going far

Just down the lane, past the equipment

Where the moon shown down on us,

A little dog, a little kitty and I

From my world to your heart,


A Wee Little Bird—-Sunday, August 2, 2020

Terry came back from town Friday with a wee little bird stuck to his grill

What a horror! It was still breathing, although, not moving

After removing the tiny sweet little thing, I placed in my horse trough flower bed for safely and (hopefully) healing.

Then, truly not knowing HOW to help the little bird, or even what to do for the little bird, I sent word to the heavens and all those beings with gossamer wings to heal and protect this tiny creature

The first day was spent under the leaves, rustling around; creating little ghostly whispers, whenever I came near.

So far, so good.  The wings are starting to be held closer to the body.  I haven’t tried to pick the little bird up [yet] incase of internal damage.

When I do I will check it’s little legs and toes.

My prayer is this little one can heal and fly away.  Until then I will continue to provide protection, food, and water.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



Sherlock Boomer—-What Mom Doesn’t Know, Chapter Seven, Friday, July 31, 2020

Chapter Seven

I watched Mom got into the car.  Not just any car, THE CAR…and off they sped.  Mom and Dad.

I took myself,

this and

that way,

here and


up and


and around corners

and over to the Butler Bins.

Then around that corner where I ran into


Freddy and conversed for a spell, then he took off.  I still hung around checking out this and that,


I slid into the cornfield on the other side of the ditch.

Mom and I think that coyote caused some damage to the young buck hanging around.

Hide, shiver, shake.

Whew! Gone!

Back over the ditch, I went, again…

QUAIL!  Whew!  That thing scattered fast.  I guess it thought I was DANGER!

Home again I went.

Maybe Mom and Dad are back!

Back into the yard…a tad tired.

Sat down in the shade when through the garden ran


I was just getting ready to have a talk with Stanly when a loud rumble came roaring down the long, long, lane…



Sniff around the tires while the man got out and walked to the back door then walked back and got in.  In-between all his walking I got in three 3! Pees next to his tires.  THREE!  I can’t get my leg up in the air anymore, but I sure can leave a puddle or three!

Then the guy back up and was gone.

Well, nothing more to do…I checked here and then I walked over to there.

I was starting to get tired and bored!


I heard something!

I ran as fast as I could to the bridge.

YES! There were Mom and Dad!


Good, they are back.

I watched them park the car up and get out.

Inside we went for a long nap.


Then later on in the afternoon, Mom said, “Come on, Boomer. Let’s go for a ride.”

So WE did!

My Nighttime Dreams—Thursday, July 30 2020

Sometimes sleeping at night is hard

Not only not being able to sleep

But sleeping and dreaming with ‘bad’ dreams

Other times, it’s like I am walking with those who have passed before me

Those marvelous people of my past life

My parents and grandparents

My beautiful and marvelous sister-of-my-heart, Dixie

Haunting dreams

Causing me to wake; to feel fragile and uncertain

Most often I wake and can’t remember my dreams

I just know I dreamed,

Not all dreams are scary, threatening, or nostalgic

They are comforting and familiar

Warm and protective

Those are hard to recall, also.

So, I have decided those dreams,

Those glowing, comforting misty dreams

Which [the feeling] tends to stay with me all through the day

Are sent to me [us] from our dead family and friends

To protect us

And those still with us on the earth

Connecting with us through our dreams.

From my world to your heart,


Perhaps — Wednesday, July 29, 2020

I like to read tales from the Viking era…and stories about King Arthur. Stories by Bernard Shaw, Mary Stewart, Octavia Randolph all set during the time when the Christ God (the Christian Church) was starting to replace the old God’s of Myth.

I also love the story of Elijah when he was taken up into Heaven 

What a rush that would have been

To just suddenly be lifted up

Past this world, we call Earth.

So, back to my first sentence about Viking times and the time of King Arthur

It was a rather rough and tumble sort of time for all those who lived in it

A time where I’m sure God was protecting each and every person

As, surely, the Old Gods were showing their followers ‘the way’

So, Perhaps,—here we are today…way down through the centuries

Where I’m sure, If God a tad busy doing something —

There are still angels and other helpers

Who walk alongside each and every one of us

Speaking to us, messages from God

Perhaps all we need to do is to be Grateful…

To hear what they are speaking to our hearts

Thank you so much, my readers and friends, my heart is full of gratitude for each of you.

From my world to your heart,



Friday Night the Sky Glowed with Frost Called Sun dogs—- Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Friday evening last, the clouds in the west parted  as the sunset

Causing Sun Dogs to appear

In the storm rainclouds

In the East

And the South East

I counted four all together!

They portend a cool down.  In the Summers cooldowns are nice.  In the Winter, it means even colder weather in three days.

Here we are Tuesday, with Yes a shade bit cooler weather.  Tomorrow we start heading back up in the heat!

From my world to your heart,




A Delightful Charm of Hummingbirds—-Monday, July 27, 2020

A group of Hummingbirds is called

A Charm.

How cool is that?

Whoever decided to call them a Charm

Picked a perfect word to describe them

The Golden light last night

Seemed to turn all the little Humminbirds


Golden Charms.

The Rufus are back.  They have been here for a couple of weeks now.

They are early

Usually arriving the first week in August.

The Rufus turned and even Golder

Golden color in that Magic Hour of sun.

As did the sky!

From my heart to your world,


Finally, Sunday, July 26, 2020

In between rainstorms and hissing wind

The second cutting of the second alfalfa field

Is stacked and heading to other homes

It can rain all it wants to now. And the rain will be greatly appreciated.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


Sherlock Boomer—-What Mom Doesn’t Know, Chapter Six, Friday, July 24, 2020

Chapter Six

While Mom and Dad were out in the second hayfield

trying to beat the

rainstorm heading our way—

I decided

to let myself out of the house


When out of nowhere

LOKI showed up!

“Hey, Boomer! Let’s go do something!”

Oh, my goodness, I thought to myself, Loki-Ta-Moki—Mindy Cat better hide

“HIDE MINDY!” I bayed

As soon as I bayed Loki decided to go FIND Mindy….

Ears up, tail wagging…

paws in FAST MOTION…Loki took off right to Mindy’s favorite spot to hang out.

Whew…No Mindy.

“Hey, Lok!  Slow down.  Let’s check for news and see what has been happening around here.”

I put my nose to the ground and started sniffing—

“Squirrel, Loki, Mom’s squirrel she has been feeding, came through.”

‘O!  Lok—SKUNK!!! We’ve got to be careful.  Either one of us gets sprayed it’s sleeping in the shed tonight.”

Loki just bounced around, running here there and everywhere.

“Just give me the good stuff, Boomer, something that runs fast and will get away from me.  Ya know.  I don’t want to catch anything…I just want to CHASE! Like RUN FAST!

Humm, I muttered –“Oh, Loki!–-FOX!”

“FOX!?”  Loki stopped his prancing and dancing around. “WHERE? WHERE!”  Tell me, Boomer…POINT THE WAY!”

“Huh, I think he headed to the Upper End, Loki.”


Loki yelled as he sped around the junk pile

Geez, I wonder if I got that dog lost.  Man, will the little kids be upset!



Oh, well…time for a nap.



Later that day…

just around evening I heard lots of chatter and the patter of feet.

Out the door, I went.

There was Kya, Black Dog, and LOKI!

Loki said he had a blast at the Upper End.  He didn’t see the fox or anything really…he just ran and ran and ran.

I led the way to the Back Door,

Where we all milled around until  Mom came out with treats for ALL OF US!!


Then Mom and I walked with my sister, all the dogs, and my little human niece, Tally, half-way back to the other side of the farm, where they were staying for the summer.

A Gift of Earth and Sky—Thursday, July 23, 2020

I sometimes get to thinking this blog is rather repetitious

I seem to only write about the sky, the plants on the farm

My yard

Irrigating…morning, noon, night

Animals which move around in the night

And the day

The worker bee of the farm...the whole farm runs on this one person, you do understand

Sometimes I liven things up a tad

OR a daytime sighting of a typically nocturn fox

Oh, Yes, I forgot we do have the returning deer

And the joyful visit of grandchildren and granddogs

And that sweet little beagle

And that very independent cat.

Not only the work of spring, summer, and fall, the work of winter

I suppose it may be repetitious

It is our life…

Shared with you on this wee little space in time

a miracle on our tiny spot of Earth and Sky

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,