That Thread that Binds—Tuesday, September 3, 2019

(Stolen from Pinterest)

Out wandering around in the yard

My attention was drawn to a little honeybee

Loading herself down with pollen!   Buzzing loudly like she was delighted and happy to be alive!

We should all experience such joy!

From my heart to your world,


The Spirits Ride the Evening Sky — Monday, September, 2019

(from Pinterest)

Tangled there among the leaves

A tiny sliver of the moon emerged

Grabbing my camera I walked out from the surrounding buildings

So I could share, with the living noises of the farm, the small chitter of the little birds as they settled for the night, a dog’s bark from over the mesa on the flatlands, and the rush of water flowing through the ditches—-

You see I wanted to connect with the spirits of the animals, the water, the plants growing and maturing on the land

But most of all I wanted to experience the murmuring of the moon

As the daylight faded and the evening light held it’s breath; before the stars started to sing.

From my world to your heart,



A Prayer without an Ending or a Beginning—Sunday, September 1, 2019

I seemed to have reached a point of ‘understanding’ in my life

I think it is the place we (as humans) have always meant to be

Where we finally realize…just like we ‘knew’ when we freshly arrived into this world of ours

That each day gives you meaning.  You need to do more than exist, to never take fortune (luck) for granted

That our lives, each and every one of us, is the prayer — the consequence of being alive

Then by the time elderly age is a reality, the human mind realizes the profoundly magical is made up of the very glorious ordinary moments of a very common day.

Once that is understood, the elderly feel like being — grand, extraordinary, marvelous, terrific, wonderful, tremendous, open to experiences and the excitement of being alive!

(From Pinterest)

From my heart to your world,



The Adventures of Boomer on Friday— Traveling Here and There Friday, August 30, 2019

Mom and I hopped onto the four-wheeler and headed over to

the old grain head to see if Mom could find anyone to take a photo of.

Now….let me tell you…that takes TONS of time.  Sit, wait, sit, wait…not! For! ME! 

I take off sniffing around the area to get the local news.  Mind you, I don’t go as far as I used too.  These old legs of mine just don’t like to travel like they did years ago.

But I still head off.  Let Mom sit there and WAIT.

So Mom waited and saw:


Stanley the Squirrel,



and a cool bird, neither she or I had ever met.

Then, even MOM got bored, so we headed back home.

After lunch, and a very long nap for me—I got a little tired out there—

Dad said, “Who wants to go to town with me?”

You guessed it!

MOM and I!

Boomer, your wonderful Beagle friend



The Cycle of Seasons—-Thursday, August 29, 2019

(From Pinterest)

The nights are growing longer and longer now, the sun not lingering in the sky

There was such a new distinct chill in the air last night I had to shut all the windows in the house.

Still, the earth is full of exquisite luxurious beauty

The cycle of farming starting to show harvest is very near.

The breath of summer has faded.  It’s actually very cool/cold here this morning.

Excellent for yard work, a tad on the sad side for those of us who love summer

Still another sign,

besides the leaves falling, falling…

a large and wonderous spider web.

Fall has arrived, no matter the calendar says it is still August.

I saw a wee fairy dancing in the porch light last night. (really a hummingbird moth)…spreading pixie dust for me and you.

For luck, you know!

For me and you!

From my world to your heart,






A Connection Near and Far—-Wednesday, August 28, 2019

(from Pinterest)

Sara from Punkin’s Patch and I decided to plant some buckwheat this year—Sara planted at least two varieties, but I only planted one.

At first, I didn’t think I was going to like it—the blooms were tiny and small and well, just insignificant.

But, over time I’ve changed my mind.  I would most recommend pink buckwheat, its a most beautiful plant.

From my world to your heart,


In a Small Fragment of Eternity—Tuesday, August 27, 2019

(From Pinterest)

Over the weekend, we drove to visit Terry’s cousin in Eaton, Colorado;  and to go to Joes, Colorado to see where Terry’s Mother’s Biological parents came from.

What an amazing time we had.  Jackie and Kent grew up in Joes, so they knew lots of people, how to get around, where the Cemetery was, and who all lived here or there or somewhere else on the prairie.

Jackie and I are fascinated with genealogy, and therefore Cemeteries; the Kirk Cemetery is where the family members now reside.

Family! It’s what makes life special.

What a delightful time we had!

From my heart to your world,



In Search of Magic —- Sunday, August 25, 2019

(From Pinterest)

Last year’s experimental crop, Hemp, expanded into a modern-day “Gold Rush” for our area.

Massive farms were purchased and planted to hemp.  Even people ripped up their yards and put in hemp.  Our air smells like skunk. 🙂

We’ve seen two large processing plants also come in.

Now, here is the rub…there are lots and lots of plants with potential to make thousands and thousands of dollars. That is all well and good.


(From what we are understanding) To get your hemp processed you have to ‘make an application to have your product processed.  And THAT, My Friends, is causing a huge cry of anguish here.

The secret to all crops is to have a market. And, of course for the market to pay you well.

If you have a crop and no market—then all the hype is just a shadowy shape rippling on the wind of speculation.

I saw another sundog glowing in the silver clouds!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


The Adventures of Boomer on Friday— A Report from Mindy Cat

Boomer said I could talk to you.  He said Fuzzy used to let him talk every other week, so he asked me if I would like to talk to you.

It took me a long time to decide.

Boomer asked me WAY back when Mom was still hauling in firewood to heat the house.

I told Boomer I had to think about it.

So, I did.

I thought, and thought, and thought, and thought.

You see I am basically a very shy cat.

I lived a long, long time in the wild. I had several litters of kittens.  It was when I was having my last litter, I met Mom.  I had traveled from a long way to the other house.

Mom was down there painting the inside and the outside of the house because Misty and Kelly and the grandchildren had moved.

That’s when Mom saw me and I saw Mom.  Mom started feeding me every day some yummy cat cereal.

Gradually, over time, I followed Mom to my house now.  I made friends with Dad first, then I let Mom pick me up.

And, well, the rest is history.

It’s a good life.  Although, I miss not having kittens to love.  I loved my kittens very much.

My job is to keep the house, the farmyard and the other buildings free of MICE!

What an amazing job!  Just perfect for me.

Then whenever I want….and I mean WHENEVER— I get to come into the house and sleep anyplace my little kitty heart wants to sleep.

AND I get yummy treats, hearty cat food, and MILK!  I never knew MILK until I came to live with Mom and Dad.


Anyway, I guess I can get over being shy and help out Boomer on Friday.

Hello everyone.  This is Mindy-Lou Min-Min Kit Cat Brown


Whirling Through a Cluster of Clouds — Thursday, August 22, 2019

(From Pinterest)

I’ve been seeing Sundogs lately

One on Sunday afternoon, late, at our friend’s house on the base of Grand Mesa

There in the tranquility of that vast immense sky, while we sang Happy 77th Birthday.

Then last evening, out on the land, as the irrigation water rippled and flowed

I saw another sundog dancing in the heavens dressing the sky in unusual splendor.

Harvest is coming soon everything says… the harvest is Fall.

Harvest beginning to dress the land.

From my world to your heart,