A Gift from Ireland—-Tuesday, June 13, 2017

All the way from way over there in that wonderful Emerald Isle

Out the back of my house, seems that is where we see them! The sun rises there and sets out front. Of course I thought of you! You can barely see the second bow.


I just love your Irish sky, Erynne!

Thank you so much!

Hovering in the Air—-Monday, June 12, 2017

One of life’s little joys (for me, anyway) are the tiny little Hummingbirds, who hover in the air around the feeders.  They come mostly in the early morning and the late evening, but I have them off and on throughout the day.

Looking through Pinterest the other day, and being a tad bored, I decided to give myself a go at a Hummingbird Swing….

Well, that turned out a little rough, but oh, well there always has to be a first one.

Ahhh, much better!

So I took them outside and attached them to the feeder poles

Which the wind promptly tried to rip off.

Finally I got it figured out so they will stay there.  Then last evening at last light, I saw a little hummer resting on one of the swings.

Of course I didn’t have the camera.

Of well!

Maybe (as time goes on) I will get a photo of a Hummingbird sitting on a swing!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


A Most Overworked Being—Sunday, June 11, 2017

For two afternoons, Evan came and helped plant the pinto beans.  Terry was still taking it slow  (He is still taking it slow, but not as slow).

But after that  Terry began to feel house bound…I don’t know how, he was sitting out there watching Evan and I.   He said he wants to feel the tractor under him, to feel the wind fanning the air, watching the soil and the implement working, to smell the fragrance of the plants and the soil.

So promising me he would NOT lift anything, Evan and I hooked up the Mormon Creaser and the Marker Bar on one tractor.

Then we hooked up the fertilizer tank on the other tractor.

Two tractors ready to go.  All he has to do is sit there and drive.

Whatever he needs now I can do.

The haystacks are shrinking.  I’ve been loading out two to three sometimes four customers a day.  So we are making it.

“Please be careful, Terry!”  I pled with him.

He just smiled at me and said: “To quote our neighbor, Darrel —‘Farming makes me happy’!”  With that he carefully climbed into the tractor and was off.

So while he is out there enjoying himself (with a huge smile–like the sun breaking forth into that golden light we all so love, I might add) I am saying prayers to his guardian angel….a most overworked being.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,




The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—-It’s All Falling into Place

Mom, Dad and I all sighed a HUGE sigh of relief yesterday. Everything is starting to fall into place.  Just like all you good folks out there assured Mom it would.

My brother, Evan, came out and helped Mom and Dad get the planter ready for the pinto beans.  Then we all headed out to the Middle Field and started planting the pinto beans. 

Well, Evan planted; I had other stuff to do.

Dad supervised…Mom was there to say: “Terry, just watch you can’t pick up more than 15 pounds”…you know…that kind of stuff.

Then when it was getting close to being done Dad decided he wanted to try out the tractor seat…Just to see if it bounced too much.

Nope!  Didn’t hurt one bit.

So we worked until dark!

Mom gave me a big hug and told me: “Dad is on the mend!”

I gave Mom a huge lick on the face and wagged my tail HARD!

We’ve turned the corner!  The biggest worry is taken care of…now everything else will come with time.

Boomer Beaglie Brown


Something Waiting—-Thursday, June 8, 2017

The farmer, in the field to our side, is getting his bean ground ready.   It is so very dry our whole farm filled up with dust and dust and more dust.

Still—even in the smothering dust I could feel a storm coming in.  The air shifted from solid and stale to racing clouds.

Black bottomed clouds holding the promise of moisture!

Still the dirt hung thick and heavy, as the sun started to submerge itself, with the western skyline.

The wind flung particles of dirt into cracks and crevices in a very obtrusive manner, filling my hair and ears—not to mention what it did to the house.

Suddenly a massive roll of thunder followed quickly by a immense flash of light and rain filled the sky.

It didn’t last long…that rain.  Moving itself quickly on toward town and other parts of our area.  But long enough to clear the air…leaving behind fresh and cool dirt free air.

Plus…a smidge of a rainbow, just as the sun sunk behind a bank of clouds.

A sign of hope!

Every day we are seeing improvement!  I am sure…more than sure…I am positive it is because of your prayers, good thoughts and wishes.

Of which Terry and I are eternally grateful!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


The Feeling of a Mountain—Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Today I am counting my blessings:

The first cutting of hay has been cut, dried, baled and stacked.

(And at the time of this writing, several loads of have been sold–loaded up and gone to new homes)

The biggest blessing is the fact Terry had to have an emergency appendix operation Sunday morning—shortly before noon, but is doing much better today.

Thankfully Saturday night we had turned the water back into the canal so I haven’t had to worry with changing and setting of the water.

Our children, near and far, came to see their Dad and to help us while Terry was in the hospital— it made the loading of the sold hay go ever so much easier, than if I had to do it by myself.

They have all gone home now, but the several days Terry was in the hospital I was there with him.  That left the kids to pick up our slack plus do their own work also.

What a huge relief!

In the midst of all this, I found another small heart!

It might be a mountain right now, but I know —————   somehow we will get the cultivation of the corn done and we will get the pinto beans planted.

I can do the irrigation…that isn’t even an concern.

The others things will sort themselves out as we proceed forward.


It will just take us (Terry and I) to take it one step at a time…that is really the only way to walk up, across and down and mountain.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



From Aurora, Illinois—-Sunday, June 4, 2017

Hi Linda.

This was tonight at my son Jack’s baseball practice. Very slight double is visible, but was more so to the eye.

Aurora, Illinois

Hope all is well.

Joe Cooper

Gosh!  Thank you so much!  And my readers thank you also!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


The UnMystery Mystery! Another Sherlock Boomer Adventure


Life was pretty good the next day.  Nothing much happened, the sun came out and the wind died down.

That night I went to bed, careful to get all comfy in my blankets, and dozed off.  I was sorta, kinda aware that the wind came up sometime around mid-night, but I was home, and safe, and warm……………..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz




I jerked awake!  For a second I thought I was dreaming.  I thought Ruth was standing right next to me yelling at me.

I shook my head flapping my ears here and there and everywhichway!

WAKE UP, BOOMER!!  There is a ghost in the yard!

I jumped up out of my bed, getting my feet all tangled up in the blanket, fell down, splatted my very sensitive nose on the floor next to my dog bed and

Looked up into Mindy-Lou cat’s very yellow-green, and very panicked eyes!

“Ghost, Mindy?  Are you sure?”

“Yes I’m sure.  It’s white and big and it floated right down into Mom’s cherry trees and stopped on a branch of a cherry tree!”

Hurry…You need to bay at it and scare it away!

I pushed open the back door, Mindy and I pealed outside, just as Mom AND Dad arrived at the back door.

“Something seems to be wrong” Mom exclaimed, as she (too) pushed open the back door and followed us at a run.

“Where is the ghost, Mindy, where?” I bayed as I followed Mindy-Lou.

“HERE”, she yowled.  “RIGHT HERE!”  Then she dove into the thicket of sour cherry trees.

I followed as fast as I could.

Mom was right behind me.

Dad coming along at a slower pace.

“GHOST!” I hollered pacing four-feet squarely on the ground and barked shrilly at the ghost!

“Boomer! Boomer! Whew!  What is it?”  Mom parted the tree limbs; coming to stand right next to me she started laughing.

“Oh, goodness, Boomer, Mindy.  I don’t know what you thought this was, but it for sure won’t hurt you!”  Mom reached down and started to pick up the now flattened by my barking — ghost!

I continued to bark!

Dad came through the trees and HE started laughing.

“Looks like the cat and dog caught themselves a fly-away plastic grocery bag!” Dad chuckled.  “Now that’s brave for you.”  He turned around parted the limbs from the sour cherry trees again, and was gone; heading back into the house.

Mom reached down and petted Mindy, then me.  “You both did an excellent job of protecting us,” she said.  “I’ll just take this old bag and throw it away.”  She crumpled up the bag and stuck it in her pocket!

“Come on!  Let’s go!”  I always feel safe with both of you on the job.

We followed Mom out of the little orchard.

“It was a ghost, Boomer, really!  I saw and heard it.”

“I believe you, Mindy-Lou, I believe you.  I think all our barking and yowling scared it so much it fell to the ground and collapsed.  The plastic bag is just its coat so we could see it.”

“You think so, Boomer?

“I do, Mindy, we saved the farm!  You and I.” With that Mindy and I headed back into the house to hang out with Sam-Sam.

The End


(Sherlock Boomer)

The Earth Gave Me a Heart—-Thursday, June 1, 2017

While building fence…

Shannon’s cat, Willow, decided he wanted to come with us.  But no, Willow (he is a Norwegian Forrest Cat) it’s too far up there, too dangerous for a kitty…you have to stay home.

We saw several water snakes, but that was all.

Some of the Yucca was blooming…

They bloom so rarely that it’s an amazing site

The San Juan Peaks were impressive

A fox zipped in front of us…heading —somewhere

And I found a heart!

Just sitting there waiting to be noticed!

Picking it up, after giving thanks, I brought it home to grace my heart shaped tree stump!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


For Romeo — Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Sunday we built fence.  Opening up a new pasture for that heart of a horse, Romeo.

Building along the base of Coyote Hill.  The day was hot and heavy—causing our skin to burst into stinging sweat.

Black Beauty and Boomer helping us…although, Boomer wandered off most of the time; Beauty stay right with Shannon.  Never far away.

Up and over, down and around, past the little creek, the bugs making our skin dance with impact of their tiny biting mouths.

Finally we made it!  Steam coming off our skin like vaporous ghosts the pasture was fenced in…ready for that amazing horse; we all seem to love.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,