The Hue of Ordinary Days —- Tuesday, January 11, 2022

We celebrated our daughter, Kimberly’s 48th birthday

We had our long, long lane to the house graveled

I worked on sorting the woodpile

Larry took the girls for a walk

Each day, a wee bit of magic filling and shimmering in the air,

From my world to your heart,



The Secret Language of Winter —- Monday, January 10, 2022

Sunlight….the medium of the Winter’s secret language

The days growing longer, staying lighter

Make our hearts fill with hope

Golden light creates a shadow of our pick-up as we head to town

The early morning sunlight, lighting TLC Cai-Cai and me as we go about our morning chores.

Winter’s Magic—-Light.

From my world to your heart,


Before the Rain, and Sleet, and Snow Came Again —- Sunday, January 9, 2022

Terry and I took full advantage of a rather nice day the other day

Taking that cascading and overflowing onto the road huge pile of wood

Whittling it down to a small pile (we got tired)

Creating a large pile of split wood.

Thankfully we still have masses and masses of wood to go.  We are thinking it will last us this year and maybe next year, also!

Wood is the gift of heat in winter!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



The Adventures of TLC Cai-Cai on Friday—-Happy Birthday to ME, Friday, January 7, 2022


I came from the city where I was wandering in a parking lot by my human sister’s work—to Mom and Dad and the FARM

I missed my mom and my brothers and sisters, but I must say

Life is good!

I have lots and lots of stuff to do

And lots and lots of love.

Happy One Year Old to me!

TLC Cai-Cai

Tedious Rhythm of Wind—Thursday, January 6, 2022

The overwrought wind

Lifted and flung everything here and there

Suspending clean, filling up spaces.


cold days, chilled fingers, snow, and bitter winds.


Still…each day accomplished brings us closer to

(Not a current photo—just a wish from the past)



Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



Exquisite Melt — Well, Sort of a Melt — Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Energy cannot be created or destroyed; it can only be changed from one form to another. —Albert Einstein

(Taken before the storm)


We are warming up ‘some’…the wind has either blown all the snow away,

(Taken before the storm)


Or the snow has melted (in places, although not very much.  Still way too cold)

(Taken before the snow—we need to split this pile)

( Current photo)

Terry said the ground was just ‘too dry in some places for the snow to hold.

So, in the gradual warm-up to 28-32* (-2.22 c to 0c) around three in the afternoon, to quickly sliding back down to brrrrr levels.

Has places on the ground looking pretty brown.

I think another storm is to come in again.  Maybe with more moisture.  The mountains really got nice snow levels, over 5 ft in some places! 🙂

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



There in the Restless Sky — Tuesday, January 4, 2021

As the snarling, jostling, howling wind roared and flung things here and there.

It also started pushing away the very nasty winter snow

Allowing a wee break in the clouds to gift us with

A snow rainbow!

What a buoyant breath of beauty!

From my world to your heart,


God Washed Us In Wind and Snow — Monday, January3, 2021

The wind chill is terrible

Weaving snow and sleet and frozen stuff into a heavy veil of BRRRR

Although the sun was bright— the sky was covered in clouds and cold—so seeing a bright warm sun was impossible.

The air washed in white, the mist thick and thicker

That muddle of winter storm ringing in the year 2022.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


Happy New Year—May 2022 be The Year for You, Friday and Saturday, December 31, 2021 and January 1, 2022

From all of us,

Terry, Linda, and TLC Cai-Cai