A Wee Walk-About — Tuesday, January 12, 2020

Yes, socks and flip-flops 🙂

Early morning walk to feed the  hens

A walk around the yard

A walk back from getting the mail

A walk with night rising up on the land

Finally a walk at dusk.

From my world to your heart,


The Golden Sunlight Casing Light into all Cracks and Crevices — Monday, January 11, 2021

Love works magic. It is the final purpose of the world story, The Amen of the universe. — Novalis

The sun’s light rays shining gold upon the house, the barns, the fields

and cows.

Tenderly lighting the world

With a subtle magic

A type of healing

Which connects to the earth

Sewing it’s beauty into our souls.

From my world to your heart,


When the Season of Winter Arrives —- Sunday, January 10, 2020

When the season of winter arrives turning the air all bitter and cold

I still have sunflowers—made from rotary hoe wheels—

And a crafted of metal sunflower

All dressed in rusty brown

Perfect reminders of the warmer seasons!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



A Mindy Adventure Story—Life Goes On, Friday, January 8, 2021 Chapter Eight

Chapter Eight

It’s been a nice two weeks.

I’ve made sure the mice are at bay

Scared off a few birds

Patrolled the whole farmyard every day, more than twice a day

And even found Dad’s tire jacket laying on the ground

Just perfect for me to play hide and seek in.

Hide the Mindy

Run out

Run back in…jump on it to hear the crackle

Run away

What a blast!

Then yesterday, Black Beauty and Loki showed up.

“Hey, Mindy!  Where is Boomer?  I haven’t seen him for a very long time” Black Beauty woofed at me.

“Yes, Where IS Boomer?” Loki echoed

Their question just stopped me in my tracks.

“You don’t know, Black Beauty?  You came every day to visit Boomer.”

“Yes, yes, I did.  But then Mom stopped bringing me. Where is Boomer, it would be good to play with him again.  To go sniffing around the farmyard seeing who and what has passed through.”

“ME TOO!”  Loki yelled.  “I haven’t seen Boomer since July when I was here last.  Tell him to come out and play.”

I just stared at them.

They don’t know.

They really don’t know.

It shocks me how many love Boomer and are missing him.


I sat down, wrapped my tail around my feet, cleared my throat—and began.

Afterward, Black Beauty just hung her head and walked over to her Mom’s car and sat waiting for her Mom to come out.

Loki just looked at me with a huge stunned look on his face.

“But he was HEALTHY in July!  Healthy!” Loki sputtered.

“I know. In October he wasn’t healthy.  And he left us. Mom cried for days.

I tried not to cry.  But there are times when the whole farm just seems lonely.”

“Wow, I can imagine,” Loki exclaimed. “Gosh, it just doesn’t seem right.”

“No, it doesn’t.” I agreed.

About that time Loki’s Mom and Black Beautys’ Mom came to the back door.

“What’s wrong with Black Beauty?” Black Beauty’s Mom asked.

“Gosh, she acts like she is afraid you are going to leave her.” Loki’s Mom replied.

I just looked at both of them.  People just never really understand animals, I thought.

My Mom walked out with Shannon and Misty; stooped down and picked me up.

We watch everyone get into the car and drive off.

“I’ll bet you had to tell Boomer’s friends about Boomer, didn’t you, Min-Min.” Mom said while she petted me.

We stayed there a short while.

Then Mom sat me down and I went back to work.

Mom headed into the house.

Boomer’s friends. I thought.  How many more do I have to tell. How many friends are Boomer’s friends who don’t know?

Let me count— Freddy Fox,

Oreo the Skunk,

Freddy’s Mom (Shudder),

all the Raccoons…

OH, PLEASE DO NOT MAKE ME TELL THE COYOTES!!! I yowled up into the sky.

I don’t even want to tell the fox family, or Oreo, or the raccoons…


PLEASE, Boomer, Help!

I ran as hard as I could toward the log pile and screeched my plea to the heavens.



THE END HAS COME — Thursday, January 7, 2021

Load by load

Three times a day 

Only taking off two weeks

For Christmas Holiday

Then back we started

Until yesterday

When all we had left were the giant chunks


The last load!

Set for winter (and maybe next year, only time will tell)

The sky was stunning.  A perfect ending to a very big and hard job.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


The God(s) Send Amazing Gifts to Me and You —- Wednesday, January 6, 2021

This morning, the wild marvelous Canada Geese, came to the cornfield next to our house

The air thrummed with the swoosh, swoosh, swoosh of their vigorous flight.

The calls of one to another like a roaring current of waves

Then the Snow Geese came…

Filling in the blank spots among the Canada Geese

The Geese have one cornfield next to our house, and the Sandhill Cranes have another cornfield behind our house—Good Manner’s you see.

What a huge marvelous blessing!  The heartbeat of the large winter birds, rustling around in the corn stalks, whispering promises to each other, talking loudly in the wind.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


To Know the Value of the Gift — Tuesday, January 5, 2021

The Sandhill Cranes have been in our area for at least two months, but never here on our farm

But yesterday morning they CAME

Singing loudly to each other and to any ear that wishes to hear

They have come,  shimmering against the gold of last year’s corn stalks, singing tranquility into the air…sunshine streaming in the frigid air.

Joy in my heart!

From my world to your heart,



Caught on the Game Camera— Monday, January 4, 2021

Who would have thought a pig would be wandering through on a very cold winter night?

Not Terry and I, but there you have it. A pig caught clearly on the game camera!

We think it must have gotten out of some farmer’s pig and started traveling.

The camera caught the pig moving through Christmas eve.  I haven’t seen it since.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm.


Is This An Omen of Friendship and Love —- Sunday, January 3, 2020

“Linda, Come Here!”  Terry called to me.

Once there I saw what he was seeing:

There on the winter-dried-out lawn was a white bird

It was all fluffed up in the 10* (feels like 8*) —–  -122 c ) cold—sitting motionless

As we watched through the window it started to warm up enough to want to move

Concentrating on staying warm, yet walking forward

Gradually it made it’s way to the area where we were watching out of the window

Then it was tired, resting near the summer chairs.

After a time, this luminous little feathered creature turned its back to us (I think it might have been hurt, see the black spots and the lack of rounding out feathers?)

Lifted wings and flew away toward the tractor shed, where we saw it no more.

The last time I saw a sight so rapturous was the day of my Daddy’s funeral.

(A New Year night moon through the trees) 

What this an Omen?  A Sign?  Love sent to Terry and me from another existence in time?

From my world to your heart,