January 16, 2013

I am ever so humble by all of the wonderful Birthday wishes!  Everyone of you have made me feel very special indeed.


It is still cold here.  The back door always has ice on it when we wake up in the morning, ALTHOUGH, it was warmer last night….it only got down to -5*.  I’ll take it!  The closer to zero the warmer it feels.  Of course ABOVE zero is really nice.


The rancher has moved his spring’n heifers onto the farm.  The dogs and I have enjoyed these delightful ladies.  (a spring’n heifers are female cattle about to have their very first calf. They are first time-to-be-Momma’s).


Since Terry had planted the corn all around the house this is where the cows want to be.  They like to sleep in one of the draws at night, then with first light they come walking over to the corn fields.


I delight in their looks of interest as I move around in the house.

At first the dogs tried barking the cows away from the fence…the cows just looked at them as if they were some annoying fly or something.  What’s a house dog compared to a coyote?

Come on, now get real!

No more barking, but the dogs do go and sit by the electric fence watching the ‘girls’ as they munch along enjoying the dried corn stalks.

If the weather man is correct…happy dance…we have a warm-up coming by this weekend. Anything around or above 32* will make for great delight for me.  I have fire wood to sort, chicken pens to clean and hay to haul in closer to the house.  Not doing it in bitter cold will be wonderful.

Then again….do I want to do it in mud!?!?!


It means I don’t have to wear five layers and a hat and hoodie to ‘get’er done’!


December 17, 2012

I’m getting a tad tired of all the clouds

Snow-MaybeAlthough, there is snow on the mountains and around us.

Dreary is well….dreary!

But today…this morning…I CAN SEE SOME SUN…so I’m heading out for a walk.

Happy Monday!!!



Clear Skies and Warming Up Some

The windy, sleet-filled, blustery, bitter cold storm has moved on.  The last two nights have been very cold but beautiful.  When out getting wood or checking on something the sky is a delight of twinkling stars in the deep, deep frozen sky.

The dogs always sleep in the house when it’s winter time, but Fuzzy much prefers outside in his dog house, he will open the back door and go out — I will find him there and ask him to come back in.  He always comes, but if he gets too hot out he goes again.

Boomer has very little fur so he very much enjoys the house routine.

As it warms up (at night and in the daytime) they both like being outside, as there is so MUCH to do while others sleep, you see.

I have to force them to come in, soon Fuzzy is outside and Boomer is panting at the door to be let out. (He can’t figure out how to open the door—just push Boom, just push)

Anyway, as the storm played around with our area, a gentle little rainbow glowed over our neighbors metal building.

We were lucky enough to see it!

( I hope you can see it)

I was lucky enough to have the camera ready.

The temps this morning were around 18* (at 5 A.M.).  The weather guy says we are going to have a small warm- up before the next storm comes in sometime next week.

Thank all of you for your support and also for your understanding of what a fool and a jerk that man was Sunday at Wal-Mart!


Baby It’s Cold Outside

It’s terribly cold here!  As you can see….wind chill is zero.  Not much snow and it’s a dry snow right here on the farm.

Although, we can see lots and lots of snow on the mountains surrounding us….which is wonderful!  The farmers in our area have been told that, unless we get lots of snow in the mountains there will be no water for the farmers next year.

Towns and cities come first, then however the call of the water happens in the rank of seniority.

Please pray and cross your fingers and your toes and whatever else that we get lots and lots of wet snow in the mountains.  Please also add in that this horrible drought, which has effected all the states in the mid-west and the west ends.  Food is a precious thing.

Yes, I am well aware that food will still come in from other countries, but local food is always best.

And Yes, I know that I am also saying, that with local food the local industry of farming stays solid and whole.  Another dust bowl is not something the United States needs or should ever want.

But I should not preach to choir, as all of you loyal readers know and understand the plight.

So I will get off my soap box and show you….

My 4 O’clock photo.  You can see the snow is starting to fall.  For two days we have had terrible bitter wind and sleet and rain.  Then the snow.

The 10-day forecast shows us warming up starting tomorrow.  This has been a brief taste of winter….the snow is most welcome.

Please enjoy your Sunday, and Thanks for visiting our blog.  I will try not to whine too much about winter as I KNOW WE NEED THE SNOW!

🙂  🙂 🙂



The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday —Hunting Mice

Nothing new here…still cold; and I do mean C.O.L.D.

Mom has put a heat lamp in the chicken house (red, because if you don’t put red in the chickens will peck on each other…Chickens are NOT very smart!  Mom says that isn’t true, she says she thinks chickens are like people and treat each other just like groups of people treat each other.)  She also hooked up the electric water heater for the chicken water tank.  Dad has the cow water from freezing.  The only thing that freezes now is our water dish, but Mom keeps a really close eye on it.

It’s so cold now that we sleep in the house….YIPEEE!!!  Hoo Ray!!

I like sleeping in the house, so does Boomer.

Mom has to keep a really close eye on us there, because we get lazy and don’t want to go outside and ‘do our duty’.  We’ve both been ‘trained’ but who likes to have bodily fluids freeze as it leaves your body?

Boomer said I exaggerated but when you’re advanced in age, that’s what it feels like.  Frozen….well you know what I mean.

It’s really nice having Mom home.  This is the first time in my whole life that I’ve lived here that Mom has been home all day long.  (She goes to town sometimes, but that isn’t very long.  Before she would leave before day break and get back after dark…she was gone a long, long time.)

The day warms up pretty slow.  Last night the cold air was around 8* and just before the sun came up it was 6*, but the day will warm up.  It got up to 40* yesterday afternoon.

Something we all do now that Mom is home ALL THE TIME is go for a walk.  We walk all over the farm, she says it’s good for me…keeps my bones working.  We go slow, Mom and I, Boomer runs all over the place clear up there and clear over there, back to where Mom and are.  Sometimes Mom walks a little too fast for me, but she is always waits for me to catch-up.

There are lots of things to see and smell so it takes me awhile.

The coyotes are back!   Mom got a little weird out because we were walking through the equipment storage area when two coyotes ran right by us.  She said she guess it is so cold they are hunting in the day time.

Boomer and I have met Freddy Fox…he is new to the farm.  So we have lots of critters visiting us…raccoons, skunks, coyotes, and foxes…so Mom bought a solar critter light to protect the chicken house and pen.

But one of the very best part of winter, besides getting to be in the house all most all the time…sleeping in the mud room, hanging by the fireplace…



It’s ever so much fun!


Sunday Morning

It cold, calm and clear here.  We woke up to 8 degrees, but it is warming up.  I think it was 20 when I came up here to post.

I’m not surprised at the cold…I saw a Sun Dog Saturday morning. 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Most of the corn is about harvested.  The fields that are left are having that high moisture trouble we had last year.  Its a type of corn, of which we are not ever going to plant again…I can assure you.

I’ve been critter sitting….the kids have been gone for several days so the little cage animals have been living with us, Hank/Puff has been living with Shannon, and I go down and take care of the cats and the goats. 

Terry is working on the grain truck…he got the tailgate fixed from when the bolt came out. 

We are being over-run with mice so we have a huge trap line going in the barns.  Ugh.  Our two cats and the dogs work at it, but there are just too many.

Anyway, have a nice Sunday!


Here Comes the Sun and Always Shut the Gate

Little Darling, it’s been a long, cold, lonely winter

Little Darling, it feels like years since it’s been clear.

Here comes the sun…

Here comes the sun…

And I say, it’s all right!  —George Harrison, The Beatles- Abbey Road, 1969

The alfalfa is looking good.  First cutting should be in about 5 weeks. 

While we were out there checking the water I got the bright idea of showing you  what our gates look like. 

They are horrible to open if the wire is too short/tight not too hard to open if you just sqeeze with all your might hard.  (Boy, have I heard that line before. HA!)

Anyway ……

To open put your left arm around the big post and grab the little post with your hand, then lean your body against the little post and push the little post toward the big post and take your right hand and lift off the top wire.  Be prepared to really push as the wires are very tight.  Lift the little post out of the holding loop at the bottom of the big post, then walk straight out (so you do not twist and tangle the wires) and lay it down out of the way.  (I’ve twisted and tangled a few in my lifetime and it’s a pain to undo.) 

Drive through.

Pick up the gate, keep everything straight, do not let the barb wire tangle, walk back to the big post, put the bottom of the little post into the looped wire at the bottom of the big post.  Now lean your body against the little post, pushing with all your might toward the big post.  Grab the wire on the big post and slip it back onto the little post.

Good job.  Well done.  

Law of the land….if the gate is shut when you get there, you shut the gate when you go through. 


No exceptions! 


Since we have all these furlough days (and it looks like there may be more coming up) I always get a three day weekend.  Three days in a row, at home, to do whatever a person may want to do, but one day a week less pay. 

I can’t decide if I’m cursed or blessed.   🙂

Have a nice weekend!


The Storm Has Passed

The storm has left us, moving on passed the Rocky Mountains and into the interior of the map.  We woke to a very cold morning!  24* and heavy frost lying everywhere.

The onions will still be able to be harvested; the farmers will just have to wait until they warm up and dry out.  If the beans haven’t been pulled they are now cow feed.

The alfalfa is done for the year, no more hay to be made.


It’s still snowing in the mountains, but that will leave later on today.


All the songbirds are gone but the Canadian Geese are back.  Lose one blessing gain another.


We are continuing to wait for the moisture content to drop.  We do not store our gain in the butler granaries anymore.  The Elevator takes everything we have as soon as we get it off the fields.  It win-win for both of us!  Happy Fall!