The Sun, That Sky—Makes Me Sing Hallelujah — Tuesday, July 2, 2019

The sky has been just wonderful the last few days

The colors swirling and dancing as the sun rises and sets

Storms building up on a daily basis

Bringing thunder, lightning, and raindrops

Then the wind shifts the clouds moving them into swirls of patterns

So the light breaks through them and seems to actually shimmer

Sometimes cooling us down to a feeling like Fall is soon to happen.

Still the sky, the sun, the moon, the wind

All murmur in huge [brilliant] voices

Come outside and be with me

Let me fill your mind, and soul and all the shades of your heart

For the Time is swiftly passing.

From my heart to your world,



Update on Boomer and a Giant Ray of Hope—-Sunday, July 2, 2017

The vet gave Boomer a shot and some pills.  Those two things gave me hope.  And the fact Boomer is starting to want to eat again.  For the longest time he would eat and throw it right back up.
The problem is he is coughing and coughing and coughing.  I knew it wasn’t Kennel Cough he gets his vaccines regularly.  But what was it?
Going to the vet helped me and, of course helped Boomer.  I sat with him for an hour after we got home on Friday, just sat there, petting him, holding his paw, helping him relax.  The relaxing is the good…he doesn’t get panicked that way.
If he stays relaxed the coughing lessens; and the shot and pills can work.
So gradually over the day Friday, then Friday night…on Saturday he wanted to eat breakfast—YAY! Huge improvement.
Still coughing, but not as much.  AND he wanted to go with me to do the water and work on the hay bales.  He didn’t want to get off.  Just ride.
HUGE improvement!
NOW WHERE DID THIS COME FROM?!  The only thing I can think of, was one night one of our outside camera caught a stray dog walking down our farm lane. It was extremely thin;  bones sticking out everywhere.  It was walking with a curve in its spine, leading me to think….is this dog was sick/ someone dumped it out here?
There was a collar mark on it’s neck.  Were these people Not wanting to take care of their dog?  If so they passed the illness onto to whomever and wherever the poor thing traveled.
Boomer started acting sick on Tuesday, then on Friday I was afraid I was going to lose him.  My heart was breaking, but I was determined to help him, if I could.
After the vet visit and the sitting and loving and caring for my little beaglie I came upstairs to the office and checked my email.
There is was:
A beautiful double rainbow…a sign of hope and comfort.

Joe Cooper wrote: I hope you are having a great evening.

I just took this.

(I then asked if I could publish this symbol of hope, which I needed so badly, and he said yes.)

Then he said something else, which brightened my day even more:

“I enjoy reading your blog, and I find it comforting and makes for a better day for me. So how could I not try to give back?

 Have a great Independence Day!”
Joe Cooper
What a perfect gift —- reflecting dazzling multi-hued light, lifting the shadows on Boomer’s and my days.
Maybe by Monday this madness while be gone and Boomer well again.  I’m living with Lysol spray, soap and hot water, clorox, and a shovel to bury waste, so no other animal will come down with this nasty illness.
As for that poor dog….  A pox on whoever dropped it off.
Your friend on a western Colorado farm,

First Light—Thursday, July 2, 2015


Gradually, gradually the day starts to wake…the shadows of the night slowly lifting as the gray light filters in.First-Light-3

Tiny, as my thumb, the hummingbirds arrive at the feeders; their buzz and chirps blending in with the small melodious calls of the other birds who are shaking sleep off and welcoming in the day!


Morning, the beautiful beginning of another day!

Your friend,