Sometimes You Just Gotta—Sunday, November 8, 2015

Sometimes you wake up and go…”I’m tired of the same-o-same-o.  We need to do SOMETHING different!”

Friday was a day like that for Terry and I.

JI’ve been painting in our house for the last several weeks…bathroom, bedrooms, front and back porch; plus all the other things we have been getting done in preparation for the corn harvest. Loading up hay for hay customers, winterizing both yards and pumps and well, the list just goes on an on.

Terry looked at me and asked, “Well, what do you want to do?  Got any ideas?”

Yes I did!  I have been missing Bladen.  It was many weeks ago we saw him.  He didn’t come for Halloween, because of basketball games that weekend. (And, of course OTHER more interesting things 8th grade boys like to do.)

So we called Misty and asked if we could come up for Blade’s game with Baggs Wyoming.  It would be a fast trip as there were hay customers coming the first thing Saturday morning, but we wanted to see everyone for a couple of hours and watch Blade play.

She told us to come on up, but don’t tell the kids…just drive in an surprise them!

So we did!


Three hours up, a few hours there, then three hours back.  It was a nice break!  Even nicer to get to watch Blade play.

Blade-1Breaks…they are very good in the scheme of things…seeing family and grandkids…priceless!

Your friend,



The Jewel in the Heart of the Visit–Wednesday, August 19, 2015

DriveToday Linky goes back home.


After two days of fun with her best friend, Ellie

Drive-LinkinAll the things she got to do at the farm

HEYWe are packing up, to drive her to meet her Mom at Rifle, Colorado.

Half way for both of us.  There we will unload our car and load up Misty’s van. Sadly, we must say good-bye for a spell.

Saying good-bye is never easy.

Your friend,



This Little Girl…Sunday, July 12, 2015

This little granddaughter (when the family moved to Craig, Colorado)  had a horrible time adjusting to life in a subdivision (although a very spacious subdivision) and a life without the farm.

But the farmer and neighbor who lives just up the hill asked Linky if she would like to help gentle down his very special pigs.  (Mr. Chapman raises pigs for shows and for breeding purposes only.)

pigsEveryday Linkin would trudge up the hill to play and pet and love on the three pigs.

Linky's-pigsThese are the pigs today.  One of the piglets has a heart attack and died, but two are doing fine.  Soon to be Momma’s.  Linky told me one will farrow around the last week of July and the other the first week in August.

What more can a child ask for!

NEwWhile we were there Linky and Mr. Chapman took us on a tour of the pig barns where we visited the boar, all the soon to be Momma hogs, the weiners and the various stages of pig lives.

Mr. Chapman is a very good and kind pig farmer.  The pens are open, clean and spacious.  The sows give birth in a natural environment, handled all the time so they are very gentle, and fed only the best of natural feeds.  (They also have a pellet stove in each house and cooling fans in the summer.)

Next month it will be Linkin’s turn to spend a week with us.  First we had Tallen, then Blade and last will be Linky.

Your friend on a western Colorado Farm,




The Adventures of Boomer on Friday— A Week in the Life of ME!

We have the little kids here, well, really we have Tally; Blade comes off and on.  Then this week-end Hank Puff and his Mom and Dad return and switch kids with us; we will then have Linkin.

Still I thought you would like seeing how my week has gone:


  • off to work with Dad


  • making siphon tubes with Mom and Dad


  • helping Mom irrigate…


I really don’t irrigate, Fuzzy did, but not I—I am the gatherer of news!


  • riding with Mom and Tally on the back of the 4-wheeler to GO irrigate


  • checking out who has been walking on the roads on the farm


  • heading into town, now and again

Then the hard part—


Waiting for someone to come out and play or waiting to be let in the house to sleep, or waiting to go to work



Boomer the Beagle


Grandpa I’m Bored—-Thursday, May 28, 2015

“Bored, 2P?’ (the family nick-name for Tally)


“Yes”, draping herself all over the arm of Grandpa’s chair, then rolling around until she is up on his lap. “Could we go for a 4-wheeler ride”?

“How can you be bored; you’ve got 5 boxes of domino’s out and are building all sorts of fences, and corrals, and dog houses?”

“I’m tired of building, Grandpa.  I’m also tired of cartoons, and the Ipad, and petting Boomer and the cats and well, just everything”.

“You just got back from a morning of play with your little friend Izzy; you should be tired”.

“But I’m not, Grandpa.  I want to do something with you that is fun.”


“Fun?  We play chase 2P, catch 2P, fling 2P in the air lots of time.”

Sigh!  “I know.”

“So just what is it that will take away all this sudden on-set of boredom?”


Turning around on Grandpa’s lap, and taking Grandpa’s face in her hands, looking Grandpa very seriously in the eyes  she answered: “I think the only thing that will work and will work really well is a 4-wheeler ride, Grandpa”.


With a huge smile and one of those looks to me, Grandpa, picked up the little 7-year old and replied…”I think you are on to something, Tally.  Let’s all go for a ride, you, me, Grammy and Boomer.”

Flower-hill(an ant hill surrounded by flowers on cactus hill)

“YAY”!  The little granddaughter said with a huge grin on her face and a twinkle in her eye!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



A Small Gift—Sunday—May 24, 2015

We have company today…our kids and grandchildren from Craig…what a joy!


So for today I share with you my yard…the rain has been wonderful for my yard (and for the weeds)


It’s been a curse for the farm, but today is a celebration!


Therefore, I share my yard with you.

Garden!I hope your weekend is a good one my friends!



My Little Project—Sunday, March 29, 2015

JobFinally my little project is done!  After we took out the two unused chimney’s in the other house I had piles and piles of bricks. (All made by the Brick Factory in Delta eons ago. :))

Not only did I have piles and piles of bricks, I had piles and piles of bricks complete with cement still stuck to them.  AND they were piled in front of the propane tank, which meant I really had to do something with them quickly.

BricksSo gradually every day, I would chip off cement– load the bricks into the  wheelbarrow, and push them to their new spot in my yard.

It was a long slog, but I made it.

More-PWI now have brick walkways between my flower beds which reside along side of the entrance of our farm…all laided out on weed barrier and sand.  My hope is this will keep the weeds down and my need to have to chop weeds between the beds GONE FOREVER!

Pathway-1It looks pretty rough right now, but over time I think everything will soften up.  The plants will green up and fill in and cover over some of the bricks, making the lines not so harsh. Then the bricks themselves will settle.  The wind will bring in dirt and fill in the cracks.

That’s my hope anyway!

The Craig, Colorado, kids are here.  They came in yesterday.  It was pure joy to look across the fields and see a light on in that house.

Two of the grandchildren spent the night with us, Blade and Tally…the oldest and the youngest.  Which reminds me Bladen has a blog now…it’s a cooking blog.  This grandson of ours loves to cook—pretty interesting for a 13 year old boy, I think.  He is also very active in sports: football, basketball, and track, plus top of his class in academics. Gosh did this sound like bragging…I guess a tad.  Please forgive me.

Pink-SKy-!We are warming up.  Today it’s supposed to hit 80* (26 c)  YAY!

Anyway, I hope each of you have a great day!

Your friend,




Dear Friends–Sunday, February 15, 2015

New-Size-eveningDear Friends, my kids from Craig, Colorado are here today so I’m taking a small break.  I will visit your blogs and answer all your emails and comments right after everyone leaves.

Thank you for understanding — these grandchildren are growing so fast…why just yesterday I noticed that our Grandson is almost as tall as I am.  I suppose that is what happens when you get into Jr. High…you grow!  Since I feel like I’m missing out on lots of stuff I want to hang out with them as much as possible.

Your Friend,



Footprints in the Sands of Time —-June 11, 2014

Sunday our oldest granddaughter left for camp for the week.  Bladen was supposed to go but he is on the down-hillside of recovery of pneumonia.

Their Mom and Dad needed to go to Craig, Colorado.   Bladen and Tally thought it would be fun if they came to stay with Grammy and Grandpa (instead of huge long boring ride to Craig).

Blade-helping-GrammyBlade is twelve.  He was lots of help.  Although, I wouldn’t let him do lots (still recovering, I would remind him) he could do some things for short spells.

IMG_3497Which meant that the 6-year-old had to give it try to also.


They stayed with us until last night.  We had lots of fun, even going to play miniature golf one night after all the work was done and the last set of water in place.  It was ‘way dark’ when we finally drove home.  Another ‘cool’ thing.

Several  years ago I had a wonderful friend, who has since passed, tell me once: “You know, the footprints on the sands of time are really made with work shoes.”  I had forgotten all about her saying this until I ran across the quote last night, while reading just before bed.

Those footprints start young, don’t they?  They start young and they stay with you (or your children or your grandchildren) all the rest of life.

When it is you and your children it is a necessity that your children learn to work, to process information, to be a ‘big help’.  But with your grandchildren you are giving them a gift…but on the same hand they are giving you one right back.

There is nothing better than working with children who really appreciate what you do and want to be part of it.

The footprints might be on the sands of time, but in reality they are created in the soul.

Your friend in life,





The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — Just Another Day on the Farm

We have been busy.


Nothing real exciting, but real busy.

We are still irrigating.

Sometimes the grandkids come over and help, and Mom-mom, and of course Hank Puff comes along.

Mom’s been cutting all the volunteer corn for Misty’s goats.

We cut the last corn last evening.

I’ve about decided that getting in out of ditches is getting too much for me.


This morning when we went out, and this afternoon, I just stayed on the back of the four-wheeler and waited while everyone moved the water from one spot to the next.  That was enough work for this old dog.

I’ll just let Hank chase the water for now.

Of course Boomer still jumps off and runs around.  Sometimes he gets left behind, but not as much as when we first started water this spring.

On the way back Mom scared up a doe…she was hiding in the biggest corn field.  She jumped right out in front of us and lucky for Mom she had the camera out and in her hand.

In two weeks Dad will cut the hay for the third and last time this year.  Sure seems early.  Usually that happens about the second week of September, makes me wonder if he will get a fourth cutting?  I guess we will just have to wait and see.