The Achingly Beautiful Melody of Life —- Thursday, October 8, 2020

The sounds of life

There in the sky, and the deep scurrying sounds of fear rushing through those who live on the land

The sounds rustling in the stillness, if you aren’t listening you can’t hear them

They are there as silent as thought,

From my world to your heart,


The End —-Tuesday, October 8, 2019

This morning we finished up all the irrigation on the farm.

All the pastures are wet, all the alfalfa fields, and my lawn

I got all my hose picked up and stored for that long winter season

I cleaned out the woodstove and readied the kindling and logs for that time when neither Terry or I can’t handle the cold house anymore

A major winter blast is heading our way.  The weather people say Thursday the daily high will be 49* —Winter is coming, just on the edge of sight. Floating in the jet stream ready to develop into reality.

Forcing us to wave warm lovely days farewell.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


Only the Rain Falling is the Constant Sound —-Monday, October 8, 2018

It’s been raining for days and days…and nights and nights

But with the rain, there are bursts of color which pummels the dark sky with joy

The sun breaks through the heavy clouds

Freshening the sky and our eyes

From my world to your hearts,


The Finish of the Week, One of Marvels—Sunday, October 8, 2017

Like the wind rushing musically throughout the drying corn

The weather held, turning into bright October days, full of sunlight

Harvested, delivered and sold!  First paycheck of the year! (Besides the hay, that is)
Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



Working in Rainbows—-Thursday, October 8, 2015

I’m slow today.  Well, not slow for the day, but slow getting up here to post my blog.  We are still working on the ditches and had a few things to do before Terry could take out the tractor.

(Sometimes I’m early, very early, because…well, I just can’t sleep at night.  The stay awake and toss and turn thing so I get up and write a post to you.)

Terry is doing the tractor work, so I came in to visit a spell with you.

Dirt-1Once more we finished all the dirt for the rest of the year.  🙂  (Where have I heard that before 🙂 )  Terry went over and dumped the last load, while I drove the tractor home, and put the tractor way.

DamThen we worked on digging out the orange dams in the mud ditches.  Always, always a huge job.  We have two more to go, but stopped for spell.  Now that we are ‘elderly’ we have to pace ourselves.  Ten years ago the story would have been much different.

Rainbow-3After supper (yes, we eat early…by 5:00–that is so we still have daylight to work in) we worked on winterizing the ditches.


We worked in a sky full of color and rainbows!

Rainbow-2It was wonderful!  I counted two rainbows, then a faint third one!

Rainbow-7The end was right over our house!  How marvelous is that!!!!?

Rainbow-1The sky was stunning!  Because the sun was sitting it turned the air/the clouds, the sky, and us—Pink!

It sure made our work go easier!

Pink-wateAs we worked I started thinking how the year is slowly drifting into winter, but before the winter chill and frigid temperatures, the stunning beauty of fall blooms before our very eyes, the last of summer bursting forth in random elegance and grace, blessing our lives, if we just care to see.

As always your friend, on a western Colorado farm,




Fun Photos from Friends—Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The following photos are from OneFly…they are taken in the White Sands area of White Sands New Mexico north of Alamogordo and south of Carrizozo.

Signs-on-rock-3The mountain range in the far distance is the White Sands Missile Range.  Just look at these unusual and dramatic cravings on this huge rock!

Signs-on-Rock-5Rock Art is found all over the world.  These are Petroglyphs —information carved into the rock…Signs-on-Rock-2Pictographs are painted on rocks.  I think there is another type but I can’t think of it’s name right now.

Signs-on-Rocks-!It’s always mystery what they were saying…but I think I see a horse  and either a deer or a mountain sheep.  🙂

Your friend,






Sunday October 9, 2011

The crows have found our house.  They sit in the tree calling loudly to whomever and whatever about …. who knows what.

All summer long I have tried and tried to take photos of bumble bees, humming birds and red-wing black birds

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

At least I was able to capture this one crow before he flew off with his flock mates.

Happy Sunday everyone!