Limitations, Sunday, October 30, 2022

I think I am improving.

I really can’t tell.  Feel better: do a little something. Then collapse, sleep —then start back over feeling a little better.

Still, I have hope.  This is gone for a long time and I’m tired of feeling poorly.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



The Adventures of Mindy on Friday— It’s Just Mom and I Now, Friday, October 30, 2020

Mom and I have had a hard time adjusting to ‘Life without Boomer’.  It is terribly hard.

The day Boomer went over the rainbow bridge I stopped by his hospital bed and stared and stared at him.

Then I quickly ran over and sat by him for a tiny bit.

After that, I went outside and didn’t come back in for two days.

I just couldn’t.

I watched Mom and Dad bury Boomer by Sam-Sam, and Fuzzy, but I didn’t come over where they were putting Boomer’s shell.

Boomer wasn’t there.

The house is empty without Boomer.

The Yard is empty without Boomer.

So, I stay busy.

Finally, I decided I needed to come in and be with Mom.

Mom needs lots of purrs and kitty rubs now because…. well, you know why.

Then it stormed so I stayed inside. After all wet feet and wet fur are COLD.

It’s warming up some, now, so I help Mom—inside the house and out in the yard.

There are lots of things that must be done.

I look for


And bring to Mom


She always always gives me a big kitty pet and tells me what a good kitty I am.

After that, I eat the mouse!

It’s a win-win for Mom and ME!

Mindy Lou-Sue, (Min-Min) Brown

See you next Friday!



Back Before Winter Slammed into Us — Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Back before winter covered the mountains on three sides of us and blustered itself into the canyons on the western part of our compass (Just last week)

Boomer and took a wee walk-about; camera in-hand (of course 🙂  )

The autumn day was just lovely, warm and full of the excitement of large birds landing on the farm

Mindy went with us to the cross-over pipe playing and romping in the sunlight

But the most exciting capture on my camera was this one of a bumblebee –Yes, I know you can’t really tell it’s a bumblebee, but it is.

I delighted to see it. Someday I will get much better with my camera, taking photos of bugs in flight, but for now—you get to see the beginnings of my learning.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



The Sky is a Dull Silver Gray—Tuesday, October 30, 2018

A storm has blown in streaming moisture and clouds across the heavens

It’s supposed to be a one day visit.  Leaving our area this afternoon sometime on a stiff brisk wind.

Corn harvest waits a tad bit longer.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


A Marvelous Journey—-Monday, October 30, 2017

“A poet, a weaver of dreams, a man who makes glory from nothing and dazzles you with its making”.— Mary Stewart, The Last Enchantment

I remember I was in the 4th grade when I decided I liked to write down words. AND I liked the words to tell stories.

I grew up in a family of readers…both my grandmothers always read to me…one grandmother would read the newspaper comics to me, the other (a 1st and 3rd Grade Teacher) would read Little Golden Books to my brother and I, PLUS tell wonderful imaginative stories about her childhood in San Angelo, Texas.

Our parents were readers, therefore supplying my brother and I with all the books, comic books and fanciful reading material they could afford.

The Library was our friend!

I got my first camera in the 5th grade. A camera which used film, that had to be developed — took eons to get back and sometimes the photos were so poor they weren’t worth keeping.

As time progressed I finally had the ways and means to put both media’s together, via a blog.

What a joy!

To bring together the photos of clear or cloudy days, small brilliant moons, or violet-rose vaulted skies, or when pink light flooded our farm.

Together with WORDS!  What a marvelous satisfaction.

Then to bring both (writing and photography) these things together in one place to share with you I was finally able to share this shining place Terry and I call home.  Our farm.

A place that rests within our souls and breathes softly on twilight winds.

I thank you, my friends for allowing me to share our lives and the farm with you,






A Wee Little Game—-Sunday, October 30, 2016


Our sunrise Saturday morning was stunning!  I just had to share it with you.

min-min-lu-and-iAnd for something a little fun….can you find the cat!  That’s me in the shadow on the corn!

If you can please leave a comment!

Hugs and Love